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Kids and COVID

Kids and COVID

Government: send kids back to school!

Everyone else: We can’t seem to get sufficient numbers of ADULTS to behave in ways to protect themselves as well as others. If the “grown ups” are uncontrollable why would anyone assume a mere child would be the model of behavior?

Me: let me just say that things are DEFINITELY DEFINITELY going to get worse from here on out? Know why? Kids watch. Kids learn from the behaviors of adults. And guess what? They SEE ADULTS not giving a flying fuck in the middle of a deadly pandemic. And guess how their generation will grow up? Guess what pandemics come AFTER COVID 19. You think we’re screwed now? Oh boy, just you wait
anonymous Other August 06, 2020 at 3:26 am 1
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Even before covid, little school kids could be classified as "bio hazards" because they do not employ the best sanitation practices to prevent spreading germs. There is no way kids, big or small, are going to maintain the strict protocols all school day to prevent infection. Add in the fact they will let their guard down even more around friends because they are subconsciously perceived as safe, no matter how many times given the safety instruction drill. The school is going to be a covid hot zone with contamination everywhere, kids are not going to be wearing ppe so the germs will be on them. Picture the usual stereotype of a snot nosed kid wiping it with the back of their hand (this usually involves the sleeve too!), and let's keep it real, they are not going to be stopped by a mask. And then picture them sneaking their BFF a candy. Multiply these activities dozens of times a day the first few days, and two weeks later there is an outbreak in the town.
anonymous 2 months ago
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