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Keep that same energy

Keep that same energy

So you self identify as a female, you say and claim you "are" a female but biologically born a male. You say you want to be equal to all women in everything you doo?. Ok, when you have to get a physical or a check up at the doctor's office keep that same energy. Write down on your medical form you "are" a female. We know your in the hospital because of that prostate and your nut sac homie, but nooo, tell the doctor "my uterus is hurting and my ovaries are sore". Keep that same energy, your a wwoman!. Let the doctor operate on you as if you had female insides.. "wait doctor noo!, I'm a man!" Doctor: ' no... see, you put on your medical form your a woman. As a doctor supporter of the transgender movement, I do not want to offend by calling you a man, that would be discrimination. Dont worry, we will take care of you ma'am!" Yeah, so when you leave that hospital all jacked up from a surgery that was suppose to be for a biological female please dont sue... keep that same energy in them clinic's & hospitals. Ya heard!

Or just simply self identify as a "male transgender" and stop trying to benefit off of the female culture and condition by saying your "a woman"
Keep it real Relationships April 19, 2022 at 12:24 am 0
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are you fucking stupid. why do you care so god damn much about another person genitals. theres a difference between sex and gender, plus if said person is transgender. then the whole entire point of being transgender is not having the correct genitals. go finish your fucking math homework
hero 4 months ago
Sex and gender and tied together by biology. That's facts. So transgendered is Not having the correct organs? The organs you are "born" with are correct! So why be the other sex? This world is confusing. Folks making pronouns for themselves, multiple genders. I'm gonna create a gender called "gators" and my pronoun is going to be "thy" so that's what I want to be called and if you dont respect that I am calling it violence and discrimination.
Rolling my eyes 4 months ago
People cant deny that only two sex and genders. They both are related to each other. You born either male or female. Look between your legs and you will know which one. No mistakes have been made. The only issues with people that want to be the opposite sex is an issues with their mental health. Srry
Rolling my eyes 4 months ago
God loves and hates us all equally...that we do not understand him or his plans has to do with his mumbling in the forgotten tongue. Uri Divi
rice puddin da mad munk 4 months ago
Gender is not a social construct, dont forget about

-Dr. John Money-
Truth 4 months ago
hero, your very confused. God bless you and may god have mercy on you.
anonymous 1 month ago
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