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Does no one find it weird that this man is always pictured touching kids in a weird way?

The only defense for his action is "it's the extreme right wing conspiracy..."

Yeh but the man is still touching kids...the videos and photos are real.....or did the "extreme right wing" people force him to touch kids inappropriately?

Can we drop the politics for a second and acknowledge that this guy has been caught too many times touching and talking about kids inappropriately?

Or are your politics so important that you're afraid of letting the other guy win?
JOE Political November 22, 2020 at 1:22 am 4
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Fuck off ya qanon asswipe.
The real pedophiles are the members of Qanon paranoia cult.
Get a job.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
OP is so fucking dumb.

Go check out pics of Trump and his daughter. A few of his statements as well.

STFU 2 weeks ago
Dear OP,

There is literally NO proof of Biden or Trump ever raping children you absolute braindead zombie.
FuckTrumpsNaziParty 2 weeks ago
And of course, the right wing ignores Trump 'n pal's pedobear activities.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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