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it was the eggrolls not the ecstasy

it was the eggrolls not the ecstasy

Pelosi wants Biden to skip the debates because she sees no point in debating the great orange liar Trump. C'mon, Nanou, we all know why ... 'cus Trump will annihilate him. mop the floor with him... he'll use joe's sleepy old head to clean the cobwebs off the ceiling. please don't talk him into not debating- I've really been looking forward to it.
k!yhfo Political September 25, 2020 at 11:55 am 1
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Biden has no need to 'debate' that idiot.
There is no content to debate.
I guess trump could debate himself how his asshole feels at that moment, or how he looks on tv. Trump is an empty headed moron. Which everyone across the globe is aware of except for the complete fucking morons like you who are still guzzling his bullshit. I hope youre surrounded by immigrants and powerful women and proud blacks who make you feel as small as you actually are.
anonymous 1 month ago
When somebody proves that they constantly lie there is no point having a debate because it will just be a game seeing how much lying the liar can push through. I don't see why you want a debate between Biden and Trump. It's just excitement for idiots at this point. You already know their proposals and histories and ideas. You aren't an idiot, are you?
anonymous 1 month ago
Ask joe about his son hunter...lies
Ask joe about his brother frank...lies
Ask joe about NAFTA...lies
Ask joe about using racial slurs...lies

Djt2020 1 month ago
"I know words, I have the best words."

Hamberders, covfefe, infantroopen, heroilynn epidemic, susbesdig gang members, liver transpants, nipple (Nepal), tieland (Thailand)

I have not heard Trump use a complete sentence ever. He's a rambling demented psychopathic narcissist.
You are a fucking moron for supporting this withered bloated pedophile conman.
Fuck you.
anonymous 1 month ago
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