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Invasive questions

Invasive questions

Went to my doctor, before I could ask questions about my problem, Doctor started asking me questions about my sexuality.
Doc: “What is your sexuality?”
Me: “What? Um…” I was silent for a few seconds.
“Who are you dating?”
Me: “I’m not dating anyone”
“What would the persons sex be if you are dating them.”
Me: “I guess male.”
Doc: “ok! What are your pronouns? What do you identify as?”

I guess this is conversations doctors have to make now. I was just so shocked because I went to the doctors about a serious problem and shes more worried about my sexuality.

I don’t know :(
I’m questioning but I really don’t like having these questions shoved down my throat because I don’t know!!!

Even in college, my professor asked us to do an activity, write down our ethnicity, religion and write down our sexual orientation.
That is no one’s business but my own.
I don’t get why people want to know my sexuality so bad.
anonymous Other January 24, 2023 at 11:47 pm 0
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They have to try to advise persons suffering from confusion and especially to sell medication and ongoing treatment for their shop. If you are uncomfortable you can say you would prefer not to discuss that. Which you can do with all mental health things until they crack the code on mind reading and rewriting.
anonymous 1 week ago
** There is no better person to discuss that confusion with than a doctor. Especially not strangers online. I dodnt mean to suggest that doctors werent neutral and trustworthy.
Zzzap 1 week ago
Doctors ask if you gay because it is associated with aids. Obviously if you are gay you are more likely to have aids
anonymous 1 week ago
Yeah at one point then but now its exclusively to tick the box in the database for gay and trigger a lot of different switches and tell the doctor to activate certain data collection routines. I was surprised how slick and efficient everything was when i took my gay cat to the vet last week.
anonymous 1 week ago
I am not saying that profiling and treating AIDs isn't an important part of it, but its about much more than HIV treatment which itself is about much more than HIV treatment.
Hope Less 1 week ago
Shut the fuck up and go back to bed.
note to self 1 week ago
I’m not gay??? LOL
I didn’t go in for an STD test, I went in for medical concern regarding my health. NOT SEX related.

That is why I don’t see the point in my doctor addressing my sexuality when my appointment had no involvement in that.
anonymous 1 week ago
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