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This show should be called "Selfish families." The abuse tons of these people endured by their families; "We are always right and superior because we aren't drug addicts."

There are good families on it but in the 3 episodes I have seen; they drove their kids to the problems they had by being unsupportive or forcing them to live idiotic lives. "My son needs to be famous!" Fuck you bitch!

Parents are so shit. My mom guilted me into dropping out of college because: she didnt want to live alone? She isnt that old.

I loved recreational drug use before. I fell into depression; living with her and her violent dog. I cant date lol. I meet nice girls all the time and I have nowhere to take them.

I could afford hotels but not as many as I would require; I am ravenous. I am escaping in a couple months. My mom isnt even as bad as the shit parents in this show

But she is an enabler. I am stressed all the time; I never got stressed when I was free. She talks about dying all the time; she has since my dad died. She made it seem it seem imminent. She fucking lied.

These people need to get away from their families!!! They need to support themselves. That is all anyone needs: to own their lives and NOT BE CONTROLLED BY SELFISH PEOPLE

I'll be back in university soon. My mom can live in a guest house and have life alert. She fucked my life by conning me; I was on Dean's list every semester. I had it!! And lost my fucking dreams.

I am trying to quit drugs and will. Not forever; but I will die. I dont fear death; when it comes I will welcome it.

But I love life!!!! So much. I love food and travel and I will fight to visit every country and try all the food before I run out of time!!! Fuck most parents! They suck and think they know everything. I've studied so much shit and I know: nobody really knows anything.

Even professionals. Only trust the ones that DONT ACT LIKE THEY KNOW EVERYTHING
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