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Institutionalization renaesance

Institutionalization renaesance

After 40 years, they are finally starting to throw the loons back into the nuthouse. GOOD! I hope the funny farms become more packed than in any other time in history.
anonymous Other September 11, 2019 at 2:07 am 0
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I used to think a lot of people and their actions were crazy. Then I realized I just didn't understand them. I was living in my small view of survival, society and reality; so small that I couldn't simply see through the eyes of another.

then one day I woke up. I saw myself and everyone else. I saw the shape of thought and the symmetry of the universe in all things. All beliefs. "Arabs are crazy shooting guns in the air" yeah. They believe one thing and I believe another. All belief is similar but

calling something "Crazy" or "Stupid" is basically saying "I don't understand that thing. I am afraid of that thing and I am ashamed of myself. The strangeness of that attacks me, so it is crazy."

And there we are. I hope I don't sound crazy to you, but my beliefs are my own as are yours. I would not and could not change your belief system. I wouldn't want to either. I thought society was going mad for years. It seemed like everybody was going insane "Why is everyone so angry about nothing?"

Why is everybody angry? Why has insanity gone through the roof recently? It is a symptom of something else. An attack on the human mind :) the attack you feel when you call something crazy: the people you think are crazy had a lot of that... and more. They are not demons or villains. They are nothing evil; they are humans that got lost in a spiral of their minds. They lost touch with much of their thoughts and the thoughts of others.

You are not crazy. We all only see certain things and I love and respect you and everyone else. You are an amazing person and I believe in you completely. You have free will and you can do anything you believe in. Belief is a very complicated and underrated word. It's not religious or spiritual or physical it is the combination of all things one knows.

I am in search of the combination of all knowledge. I know everything is possible. I do not believe it. Belief is a path. knowledge is a door infinity is a gateway. This is all a very dangerous thing to think about. So if you take this path prepare yourself and learn moderation in all things

lest, you become a crazy person. People get sucked into this without realizing it. Shame, self-defense, attack = insanity. Abandon your shame; invest in your life and your beliefs. Know what your morals and values are. What is important to you? Focus on that. Focus on everything you know and see how it connects.

Carefully. And learn Zen dude. learn to meditate if you do because it's a rabbit hole. We came from the mountains.
Aquarius 5 months ago
Also, you are exciting at another's pain. It doesn't help them and it is bad for you. I am not telling you not to; i am just making you aware of the game you are playing when you do that. To take part in a game one must know the rules or they are destroyed by surprises they can't handle. Be ready to handle everything easily calmly from a place of peace. I love you
Awareness 5 months ago
Good, lock the crazies up. Maybe I won't have to keep beating on them.
anonymous 5 months ago
"Also, you are exciting at another's pain. It doesn't help them and it is bad for"

I don't care about their feeewings, and I had to deal with so many of them and their bullshit. How about MY feelings? Yeah, I thought so. Take your self rightious bullshit and stick it where the sun don't shine.

If it were up to me, these mental defects would be exterminated, and the parents imprisoned and forced to undergo surgical sterilization.
anonymous 5 months ago
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