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I predict stupid answers to this question

I predict stupid answers to this question

I am 100% confident that I’m not going to get the exact answer I am after, but who knows, someone might have the brain to not give me the wrong answer.

Why on earth am I craving sexual intercourse with a female to the point where I’m desperate enough to resort to masturbating to porn?

I mean I’m no Brad Pitt in the looks area, not am I Albert Einstein in the brains area, but I’m honest, modest, loyal, faithful, kid, caring, loving, confident(a little bit), romantic, Like I swear, I am the living, breathing definition of “that guy that all girls want but can’t seem to find, or are too blind and picky to notice”

And even when I express interest in a girl(whom is a confirmed single), it seems very much so like they don’t care so much as to give me a chance.

What do I have to do, I’m not gonna “Raise my standard outfit” or ”lower my expectations”(what expectations, you mean the criteria of yours that no girl will check every single box of), I wanna.........

Know why I would ask the internet to solve my girl problems when the only person or thing who CAN fix it is myself.
anonymous Relationships December 09, 2019 at 2:48 am 1
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bluu bluuooop
anonymous 10 months ago
If masturbating to porn is desperate, then the whole world is desperate. Lol, could be enough.

Either way, don't beat yourself up. It'll happen when you least expect it.
anonymous 10 months ago
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