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I never get to be hot on Halloween

I never get to be hot on Halloween

Every other Halloween I just want to wear something really sexy for Halloween but I still live with my parents.

I also hate that they still make me food because I feel bad about it. I feel guilty that they’re still doing things for an adult.

I want a tattoo.
Every Halloween I feel like a baby.

I want to buy lingerie for myself.

I feel like living at home makes me more isolated because I don’t want my parents and my life to overlap. Because it’s embarrassment. Because I don’t like all the things they’d want for me and I know it. Sometimes I just want 1 cigarette and no lecture or that I smell like smoke. I have self control.

I also want to buy and grow my own marijuana, just a little and not a lot.

I also want to talk on apps to random people or start a YouTube channel just for the hell of it.
Not because I’d become famous.
But because I got a lot of thoughts I just want out.

But I’m literally scared to just talk on the phone with even a friend because I don’t want them to judge me. Cause they have my whole life!

I also feel the need to swear sometimes and talk about explicit things and that’s not what we do at home.

I feel like I’m missing out.
I love them but can’t wait to leave.

At home is were I need to strive to be PG and I’m tired. This doesn’t feel like me.

But I think I am an introvert so it works for me somehow.
anonymous Home October 31, 2020 at 11:25 am 0
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"I have self control."

I have self-control as well, but exercising self-control is contingent on there being some semblance of normalcy in your circumstances. Flailing your arms hysterically would indicate a lack of self-control under normal circumstances, not so much when you're being swarmed by stinging bees.

anonymous 4 weeks ago
Don't worry, Covid cancelled Halloween this year. :(
anonymous 4 weeks ago
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