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No, I will not be sticking around if he is going to be at Thanksgiving. I don't care how you feel about it. You have been gaslighting me ever since he came back in the picture. You want me to forget the shit he did when I was a kid. I'm 30 now. That shit doesn't work on me. Ever since Dad died you've been looking for a 'companion' and that's fine, but you will respect my decision of not being around him. He abandoned me, replaced me, lied to me, kidnapped me, and expected me to forgive and forget all of that, much like you're doing right now. That man never wanted me as a child, what makes you think he wants me as an adult? What, now that I will be useful in some way? Because I took care of you most of my life? He's getting older, same for you. I have yet to spread my wings because you have made me feel responsible for you.
This will change at the beginning of the year and I know you hate it. You're beginning to realize that I've been disenchanted with you for a while now and that I'm no longer falling for the excuses you've been making. Bringing him back into the picture is the nail in that coffin. You don't respect how I feel, you try to minimize any concerns I bring up or what he's done as if I'm supposed to forget that pain! I figured when your one husband abandoned you, you'd realize what I felt but you still didn't care. All you care about is you, you, you and to hell with anyone else.
I should have seen it before. Both of you are the worst. The only reason I'm writing this is so I don't blurt something out before I leave and ruin the one-way trip. I'm done with both of you. I will not be attending the dinner if he's here. This isn't even a 'him or me' situation. You can keep him and when you and my sister realize what you've done by inviting him back into your lives, you'll realize what you've done. Hopefully, anyway. You might still be too damn hardheaded to admit any wrongdoing. You do tend to like to rewrite the past a lot. You're just having a hard time selling it now.
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