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I hate the Hell testimonies on YouTube

I hate the Hell testimonies on YouTube

I've seen these stupid Christian Hell testimony videos on YouTube, which really piss me off. I no longer watch them, but I still feel the need to rant. I don't understand it at all. The people who have supposedly been there seemed way too calm and accepting of God. I mean if I found myself in Hell and saw all these tortured people, I'd be fucking traumatized for life (probably enough to kill myself, though that wouldn't do much good if all this was true). And I sure as hell wouldn't be promoting the entity behind all the torment. It seems quite fake to me, yet the comment sections are full of people saying stuff like "Hell is very real. People need to take it seriously" and "If you accept Jesus into your life, it will be fine" and shit like that. They all sound like mindless robots to me (not saying all believers are). I'm wondering how any sane person is okay with this shit. I understand why people would want terrible beings such as pedophiles and rapists to go to Hell (even though I don't think Hell should exist). But how and why people would be okay with non-believers and others burning is way beyond me.
Upset Atheist Religion April 09, 2019 at 1:44 am 2
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I've been to hell- it has Justin Beiber blasting everywhere all day, and you get your ear yakked off by Jesus freaks.
anonymous 4 months ago
Playing Devil's Advocate (pun intended): If Satan was supposedly cast out from Heaven, the first place he should land would be here on Earth. So, we are all living in Hell right now. News from the US and around the world seems to confirm this theory.
anonymous 4 months ago
^ The devil does appear on Earth in some books, Matthew and Job off the top of my head, and later on to pester and vex medieval monks and reggae artists, but never within hell afaik until Dante's Inferno. The day of final judgement is when the devil is supposed to be thrown into hell along with the sinners.

As you know, if we were all in hell right now there would be no redemption. You'd think that some people 'in the know' would use that to their advantage and be as evil as possible, but they usually don't, and we still have empathy and law, which seem unlikely in hell.
anonymous 4 months ago
What always bothered me is of "God" was so loving and perfect, how come one third of people followed Satan, or why would anybody leave "God" at all? I always felt that there was far more to the story than what we were told, and "God" was not the benevolent loving being that he was made out to be. Indeed, "God"'s actions after the 'fall' which are plastered throughout the Bible seems to support that he was a complete tyrant, and it's possible Satan/Lucifer and his followers were so desperate that they tried to leave "God", even knowing what would happen. And of course a tyrant will lie and say that he is "perfect" and "benevolent".

While I was still somewhat a believer, this scared the shit out of me, knowing just how cruel "God"/Yahweh must have been for Satan and his followers to take such a desperate action.

Not that it really matters now, because I know now Christianity is full of shit, just like every religion that came before and scince it was invented.

I'll 'believe' when one of the thousands of gods man has worshiped throughout human history could be arsed to take 5 seconds to say "Howdy!" to the world, and erase all doubt.
anonymous 4 months ago
Religious propaganda channels. Ever see the weirdo called Apostle Laura Lee who believes all celebrities are secret trannies?! Crazy side of YouTube.
Joseph 4 months ago
If you aren't a 6'2" white male with blond hair, blue eyes, muscular build, and a 115+ IQ you ARE a tranny, and even if you have the right gene set you are probably still hopeless. The nephilim (chinese/jewish race) have subverted most of the original sons of Adam (who look like your stereotypical Swede) and made them into their own image: they are hermaphrodite lizard people, and if they had the teaching of their highest elders they could change at will and do all sorts of other effeminate kinds of mad witchcraft, but they don't because the elders want to keep them weak and submissive to their own magic. The best way to make submissive people is to give them a conflicting essence and appearance, every interaction with a person with conflict ess-app is predicated on falsehood, no truth in it; Hollywood movies work the same way, both movies and trannies still make sense in their own universe, but not in ours. More literary, it's like how Don Quixote was convinced he was a knight, felt and acted like a knight, but the real world around him was not knightly. These so-called men and women think they're themselves, but really they're sexless carriers of nephilite seed, they eat nephilite semen when they think they are eating food, they sleep and if they dream they dream about being good nephilites, they work and fuck like they were in a nephilim's ant farm.

The Christians are subverted too, they know a little truth and the edgier ones use it to impress people and win converts. Christians are men who want to become sexless women (Jesus' genitals are sexless), so it's funny when they accuse others of being trannies. The so called trannies, especially in high places like M- Obama, at least know how to get nephilim treats without martyring themselves. Poor deluded christians.
Goliath 4 months ago
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