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I Hate My Life

I Hate My Life

I really hate my life. It's changed so much... and I hate it.

I've always had a bad relationship with my mom, which isn't uncommon for fifteen year olds. But sometimes when she's upset at me, she's verbally abusive or my dad is judging me because I happen to like K-pop.

School was my only "safe place" because I had a boyfriend and a best friend. My parent's won't let me talk to my best friend because she's bisexual and they think it'll rub off onto me. They didn't know I had a boyfriend... until May.

My parents read through my texts and found out. My boyfriend was the sweetest person in the world, but they didn't care. They called his parents and spilled the beans that he had a girlfriend. I'm not sure what happened to him, but I hope he's okay. He sent me a Discord message in July, breaking up with me for my safety. I miss him so much... but I don't think I'll ever be able to see him again.

The night they read my messages, they sent me away to my aunt's for two weeks only for me to come home and find all my things packed. They've sent me to live with my other aunt with her husband and kids, saying it's for the best and so I don't grow up as a bad person. And now I've transferred school districts and am not allowed to talk to any of my old friends, so I've been alone. My cousins are all golfers, and they can be busy, but also sometimes they don't like me... I've been told repeatedly that I'll be able to go home in a year, but what's the point?? After all this happened, I feel like I don't belong, whether it is with immediate or extended family. If anyone is reading this, I'm really sorry for wasting your time.
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