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I hate my boyfriend!! He says when I have a problem with him then I need to talk to him in person. We only see each other once a week, so I think he just wants to put off the conversation. I get really eager about solving problems in relationships because I want to get close to people. He just brushes my concerns off like it’s nothing. He ends up apologizing but after some teeth pulling from my end.

He also has been inattentive and not genuine with me !! When I’m baring my soul to him, he calls me things like cheesehead or cheesy. I’m like really trying to connect on an emotional level with him and he just laughs at me. I’m a very passionate person with a lot of love to give my significant other and , I don’t feel comfortable doing that with him anymore because he just rarely reciprocates or only reciprocates when he wants to.

At the skating rink he once watched me fall and didn’t bother to help me up. And he also embarrassed me on the roller rink when he held out his hand to hold my hand and then he removed his hand and I almost fell. I have anxiety and I felt so sad and dissapointed and made fun of :( I’m actually crying right now... And when we first met he was judging me because I didn’t look exactly like my picture because in the picture I was wearing makeup. And he made fun of me not having a bigger butt. It really eroded my self esteem and I couldn’t trust him as much as I wanted to.

I’ve wanted to open up and trust him more but every time I try to, he just shows me that he can’t be trusted with my heart.

I was physically abused before, and my brother interrogated my boyfriend to inform him on how to treat me. My boyfriend knew I was physically abused and he knew that I hadn’t received therapy yet . But he still asked me to be his girlfriend!! So he wasn’t blindsided. But he acts very vindictive about it. And wants me to meet his sister but he wasn’t abused!! It’s like he threw out the whole reason of why he met my brother, and made it all about himself!!

I honestly hate him so much because he frustrated me and he’s rarely ever straight up honest with me. I don’t like rudeness but honesty can be expressed in a kinder way. He doesn’t even do that, he just ignores things and changes the conversation and I’m just like can you for once PUT DOWN YOUR CONTROLLER AND YOUR NEED TO CONTROL THINGS AND COMMUNICATE WITH ME!!

I wanted to break up with him but he really won’t let me go without making me to look like the bad person here. And then he tells his sister of my actions and she doesn’t even know the context of why I’m angry and just assumes her brother is a SAINT. He even calls himself an angel! Why? Because his mom calls him that? So his sister thinks I’m just upset for no reason. And when I tell him about our issues, he gets quiet as if he’s looking for someone, ANYONE to handle his problems for him. And that’s exactly what his sister did when I was on the phone with him. It makes me look like the bad person because he’s not saying or responding to anything!!

The last girl he was with GHOSTED HIM. I don’t want to do that to him, BUT I UNDERSTAND WHY SHE MIGHT HAVE GHOSTED HIM,

It’s because HE DOES NOT COMMUNICATE. He’s just not all there.
UpsetGirlfriend Dating February 14, 2020 at 2:20 am 0
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Just ghost him. He sounds like the BIGGEST DOUCHE BAG. You know hes just using you. Its obvious hes incapable of feeling anything for you if he acts like that. Really. Hes biding his time. It will never get better and he will just use you till you leave and he will find another sucker. Thats how these guys like that are.
. 6 months ago
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