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I just wish there was a group of people who agrees with everything I do

Yes I am Christian but I support LGBTQ+
Yes BLM but I don't think we should defund the police, they help keep things in order
Just because there are some racist ones, we shouldn't get rid of them all of them, only the racists
And also we should only break down big businesses, the poor small businesses that support should be safe
Also, no one should get stuff for free, I have a nice house and a nice life because my parents worked hard, got scholarships, and got high paying jobs.
I think schools and colleges should afford a lot less so people get the opportunity to graduate but if they didn't pay attention in class we should not have to pay more taxes for them.
Also to any stupid ass wanna be comedian ass who needs to hear this, but "dark humor" is mainly when you make fun of your own tragedies, but NEVER joke about someone raped since you have never gone through it. 1- they aren't even funny and 2 - if someone says something you're always like "dishwasher said this or snowflake" and again it's not even funny. So your not funny and ugly PICK A STRUGGLE

I don't care if you guys don't agree with me, Where I live is filled with democrats and I always pretend to agree with them since I know if I say one small thing I will one hundred percent be bullied and people will think of me differently
anonymous Political August 07, 2020 at 3:08 pm 0
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I disagree with you. I also want to point out that I did not read your rant. Just know that I disagree.
anonymous 2 months ago
So your so weak and spineless that you won’t say anything different around your democratic community. That’s about as un American as you can be. And if you support BLM your supporting a racist organization. They Say they stand on a platform of equality but they want supremacy. No police to stop their crimes. No government to tell them how to function in society. Totally racist. And you have Christian values but support lgbtq rights?? I think you need to re-evaluate yourself.
You are a snowflake 2 months ago
People I was the one who made this rant and would like to quickly say one thing
I am literally 13 and I don't agree with everything BLM and everything Blue Lives matter
I just think that black lives matter but we shouldn't get rid of the police only the bad ones. Also, there are many people who are Christian who support LGBTQ+ just because I believe in God does not mean I am homophobic. I people like you took the time to let me explain before making assumptions on me. I am don't want to start a fight and that is why I don't say that I am republican.
anonymous 2 months ago
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