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I am a coward when it comes to politics

I am a coward when it comes to politics

I was going to put a funny post about Trump's visit to India. But, I got scared and thought I better keep my humor to myself. You do not make a political joke with countries. They will come to get you. Big brother is watching. I have a few good-humored jokes about Canadians too, but I am afraid that people might take offense to it. I wish I knew someone I who I could joke around with. Someone who would not get offended.
Hestia Cat Political February 25, 2020 at 11:17 pm 0
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There are a lot of people that joke about politics. Check out late night talk shows like Colbert or whatever other ones there are... They all make political jokes and no one ever comes after them. It's that whole free speech thingy. You can often find political cartoons in newspapers and magazines too. No one ever goes after those cartoonists for poking fun at political folks. Again, it's that whole free speech and free expression thingy... Don't bitch at me, I didn't write the laws.

If you ever pop onto an online forum with a politics discussion area you'll find a bunch of people on those that make jokes at the expense of politicians and politics in general as well. Again, no one ever goes after any of those people either. Maybe you could go to one of those forums to find someone on those forums that you can joke around with.

Oh, and if you ever pay attention to the things that people in the political game say, you'll often hear them make jokes about their political adversaries and even poilticians of other countries. Again, no one ever goes after them... Not for the jokes anyway.

Anyway, good luck finding someone... Shouldn't be too hard.
anonymous 1 month ago
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