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I'm a 16-year-old female (17 in less than a month) and I have a 13-year-old brother. We both live in North Las Vegas with our 64-year-old dad, and our mom (37 yrs) lives in Los Angeles with her 3 other children (who all have different dads, might I add). I have lived with my dad all my life, I love him more than my mom by a long shot, and my brother followed after me by living with our dad as well. I am a high school senior right now, and I'm currently homeless. My family is extremely poor, but I live(d) in a nice neighborhood because of Section 8. We got into our house 8 years ago using Section 8, and we have lived there since I was in 4th grade and before my brother started going to school. I never understood how poor we were until I got a little older because my dad always made sure that I was having a good time no matter what. I started realizing that we were poorer than everyone else when I started to get made fun of for having 6 dollar shoes from Walmart that were dusty and ugly after a month of continuous everyday wear, but I'd keep wearing the shoes for 3 months. I was envious that other children were wearing vans and converse, and every time I got my own hand-me-down pair from a girl in the neighborhood, I'd wear them until they were LITERALLY unwearable. My clothes weren't that better either, everything I owned was either found in a random bag on the street filled with clothes or handed down to me by the girl in my neighborhood after being used by someone else. Now, I wish I could go back to those days where the worst things happening to me was the fact that my clothes were ugly (and so was I, haha), but now I'm homeless. The reason why I am homeless is because the person renting the house out to us sold the house to someone, and we were given a 2-month notice (normally it's one month but my dad is a senior citizen). A few weeks into having to move, and we get robbed while my brother and I are visiting a friend's house and my dad is in Henderson playing his keyboard at a show with one of his drummer friends. (LUCKILY, he brought my bass guitar with him, too) My brother and I brought our laptops with us, and when our dad drove us back to our house, our televisions were gone, our Xboxes, one of my dad's other keyboards, etc. All of this is making my elderly dad is extremely depressed. I don't want him to die without showing me how to play the 100+ songs he'd written on the piano throughout his lifetime. At least he taught me how to play bass guitar and I know all of his songs on that instrument, but the thought of his songs dying along with him brings tears to my eyes immediately (as it is currently doing). I am living at a friends house (and have been for about a month, who happens to be the same girl that gave me all of her hand me downs when we were children. My dad is sleeping in a room next door, but I can tell that this whole 'being homeless' thing is taking a huge toll on him and is making him severely depressed and sad all the time. He's been bawling his eyes out lately, and that isn't making me feel very good either. I love my dad so, so much. I want my children and my children's children to know and play his songs on both bass guitar and piano, but I feel like the stress of this situation might... well, it might kill him right before my eyes. No one accepts Section 8, and I don't know what happened within the 8 years of my dad first renting the house with Section 8 until now, but it definitely wasn't good. Section 8 is looked down upon, which is why getting a house to live in is extremely hard. I want my space, and I'm pretty sure the girl I'm living with wants her space too. My dad, back when we lived in our house, liked to sleep and watch Asian fighting movies a lot, but lately, he's been blankly staring at the television screen playing football. Occasionally he'll say something about what's on the TV but half the time he's not even watching it. I really need some help right now.
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