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Hi hun

Hi hun: I can't help but love the fuck out of you. See ya up to your old tricks on Craigys site. Love the add you put up today DfS. You do know what turns me on. I know u waiting for me to respond so you can precum. I may. Its so tempting. I just don't know yet. Miss you as well. Let's meet up where we meet soon.Let's begin again.

Beyond Obsessed Crushes March 15, 2019 at 12:52 am 5
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4 Rant Comments
Is this what society has become? Some people are so funny; whoever posted this deserves a reality tv show. (Not that i'd watch that trash, but an episode of this life would be entertaining.)

I bet that is what OP aspires to
YourDad 2 months ago
What is this about? What is Craigys?
Hestia 2 months ago
Please leave me alone. I did not do anything. The way you keep harassing me is not cool. Even God will not forgive you.
anonymous 2 months ago
Ohhh geeze here we go with the invisible creator sky daddy god bullshit
anonymous 2 months ago
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