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Hey QAnon

Hey QAnon, Not a vampire, cannibal, or a child trafficker. I'm a Proud Democrat. Politically incorrect, not one of those limp wristed liberals. Don't believe in global warming, believe in 2nd the amendment. Not afraid to handle a weapon or Pull the Trigger! QAnon Fuck You. Come look me up, got something for ya.
sixthdrwho Political October 16, 2020 at 10:05 am 2
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Qanon is already living in your head, fool.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Sorry, climate change is not the Easter Bunny. You don't just get to not believe in it.
It's a scientific consensus.

QAnon people are all so fucking dumb it's scary. How do you get so fucking stupid? I don't know. Probablya combination of zero education, zero critical thinking, paranoia, and being easily impressionable. Basically rubes or marks. They're all getting conned by the dumbest scam in the history of scams.
Science is Real 2 weeks ago
"Sorry, climate change is not the Easter Bunny. You don't just get to not believe in it.
It's a scientific consensus"

It's so dogmatized on both sides, I don't even know what to believe anymore.

"Scientific consensus"

The deniers have scientists supporting their argument too.

I'm sorry, but the opposing climate religions have totally screwed the pooch here and now I can't even give a fuck about the issue. :\

I would say that the general public now feels the same way. It's little more than the butt of jokes these days.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Today's the day JFK Jr. is supposed to come back from the dead. Trump will announce him as his running mate.
These people are so fucking dumb and gullible. Q people are just about the dumbest people alive.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Scientific consensus means there is an overwhelming majority of scientists who accept the findings.

The deniers are in a minuscule minority, and most of their findings are debunked or insignificant.

It's not at all "the butt of the joke" with educated people. The answer is very clear.

If you don't give a fuck about potentially cataclysmic damage to our livelihoods, that's on you. But just to be clear, there's no "religion" at play here. The same cause and effect analysis that allows you to type messages on the internet, has also identified human actions are crippling or own future.

Do you feel the same way about the flat earth debate? Flat earthers have so-called science on their side too. At what point do you accept scientific consensus, and when do you reject it?
Science is Real 1 week ago
The round earth has already been debunked. If the earth was round the potential energy allowing a plane to take off and then land would cause said plane to fall off the side of the earth when its nose is 90 degrees to its takeoff position. (Say, flying from hypothetical San Francisco on the surface of a sphere to hyptothetical Moscow on the surface of a sphere.) We can only turn the plane 90 degrees for a short time before the engine stalls, but apparently the earth can turn a plane any way it likes over a gradual period of time with no effect??? Not buying it. Planes don't magically shed and regain energy potential from the clouds. Even if the engine wouldn't stall out at prolonged horizontility, in order to land a plane would need to gain massive amounts of energy lost to affecting a gradual curvature or it would burn up on re-entry onto the "surface of the sphere," because it hasn't got the energy to put up against that which would be exerted on it by the ground upon the instant it touches said ground. You don't have to be a flat earther to see that scientists are trying to sell us some hogwash. Consensus is made when a large organization decides to believe one thing. Among Christian Scientists there is a consensus that right thought can heal cancer. Among real scientists there is a consensus that right thought can prevent the Chinese from drifting off into space and into the gargantuan gravity of the sun because they happen to be close enough to some weird magical node in the center of our Earth that holds so much bullshit together. Foolishness.
anonymous 1 week ago
Be on the lookout for these mystical objects hiding in the sleeves of the scientist:
- Force diagrams: arbitrary vectors drawn wherever they please to prove anything they like
- Gyroscopes: spinning toys made of metal that make no sense at all but apparently prove everything from gravity to magnetism to flotation to Einstein's tax evasion
- Quantum: magic bullshit word, seems to mean that particles are solids when they like, but also invisible, capable of being in two places at once and thus transferring those magic force vectors anywhere they like, and also traveling through time. The scientist's very own Holy Apparition.
- Entropy: A word you can only really understand after years of being beat over the head with the highest of maths. This is the opposite of quantum. It explains why those magic force vectors can disappear at random if you try to wield their force bullshit against them.

This is a FUCKED UP system scientists use against you. None of this is observed, it's all made up after the fact to explain things that are impossible to observe but possible to run through mathematics simulations which pretend as a rule that approximations to infinity are sound math and that numbers which run on forever and ever can be used to measure circles, and thus the shape and behavior of this magical sphere earth you're said to be standing on is decided by an approximation out of infinity: deus ex machina.

Fuck scientific illuminati consensus. I do not consent to your consensus, and neither should any sane person.
anonymous 1 week ago
Woah... I think I just got cancer from reading all that. Really hit a nerve with the flat earth stuff holy shit.

I never thought I'd meet someone ignorant enough to actually believe this stuff. Nothing you wrote makes any sense whatsoever. You might be insane.

I do have a few questions though.

1. Is the sun a sphere? The moon? Other planets? Do they even exist? If they are spheres, why not Earth?

2. If the world is flat, then why can't you see everything on Earth while up high, like in a tall tower, or in a plane?

3. Are stars real?

4. Why haven't boats or planes fallen off the edge of the Earth?

5. How are satellites circling the planet, if not orbiting a sphere?

6. What's your opinion on gravity? It explains all your concerns above, but you seem to reject that entirely.

7. How do you deal with the contradiction that scientific consensus has enabled you to deny its existence on sophisticated computers and a massive interconnected data infrastructure (the internet)?
You never answered that, why do you accept some but reject others?

8. You seem really interested in this stuff, why not study it at school, or at the library, instead just on Youtube/Facebook?

That's too many questions, I know. I couldn't help myself.

I'm sorry but sane people look for their ideas to correspond with reality. People have known the Earth was round way before space travel. It's quite obvious, I mean, what do you think the horizon is?

Science is Real 1 week ago
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