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Alright, so last Friday I finally told my crush I liked her. I've had a big crush on her for a couple of months but I decided to do it. So I told her and she responded with "Huh what?" So I responded with "I really like you." She texted me saying "I can't tell if you're joking or not." I said, "I'm not I really do like you." She said, "Well I love you but maybe if you got a haircut." So I got hyped and told the homies because they told me to tell her. So we were talking for a couple of hours and she said that had liked me but she didn't want to date and us break up and ruin everything because I was the best. So I'm thinking "wow I could've told her this sooner." We were talking and she said she would want to but she wants to get to know smaller less known facts about. So we're talking and she then went to bed. Saturday She hadn't looked at my last text so I didn't text but sent her a picture on snap. Five hours later she sent me a picture so I waited for a little and opened it and it said: "I think we should just stay as friends, I thought about it last night and I like you as nothing more than a friend." I read it clicked again and another picture popped up "I love you and no I didn't talk to anyone I just think we should just stay as friends." So I was kinda distraught and thought we had something good happening. So I just said "Alright" and she said, "Thank you for telling me so now you can go look for someone else." But after she said that she said: "I love you though." So we had school and Monday we didn't talk and she snapped me after class and said "What is wrong with you?" I said "what do you mean?" While I knew what was wrong. She said "you didn't talk today and it was weird." I said "Nothing is wrong." She kept on saying something was wrong but I kept putting it off as nothing. Tuesday we snapped but didn't talk. Wednesday we had class again together and I kinda talked to her but it was still awkward and she said at the end of class "Evan Evan Evan Evannnnnn you're walking with me." I did but stayed behind so I didn't have to talk if she asked me a question I would reply but she kept looking back I don't to see if I was still there or what but she did. Yesterday Thursday we snapped but didn't talk. Well today Friday Valentines Day we're off school and she had snapped me but I didn't feel like opening it. She also posted on her story cut outs of pictures of people including one of me saying "Happy Valentines Day to my favorite people." I finally opened her snap and she snapped me back saying "U like my story?" I said "sure" Which I know is a dick move but she had told me to find someone else and to do that I need to move on so while I don't wanna be like that and leave her I need to. So she snapped me back "What's wrong with u?" I said "What do you mean?" She just sent a picture I sent one back she sent another and then I left her on opened. I know it's a dick move completely but am I justified?
Evan Crushes February 14, 2020 at 4:12 pm 0
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No, girls are crazy bro! She wants you, but she wants to be wanted more, they all do, remember their way more hormonal than us. Grab her and kiss her, she’ll fucking melt.
A friend 2 weeks ago
She's just playing a game. Most young girls do it for self confidence because they're insecure in the first place. She could also be trying not to hurt your feelings doing what she has been.

You're justified and not a sick move. Just give it time. Now you know and you can move on and hopefully things will stop being awkward.

Give it a few days. She may think you're mad or upset with her, just tell her you were letting things settle.

anonymous 2 weeks ago
Fucking 15 year olds. Christ on a bike.
Lenny 1 week ago
I would throw a bootle of home brewed piss on her front door.
Roger 1 week ago
Fuck you, Lenny.
Lenny is gay 1 week ago
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