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I hate to tell you this, but Biden WILL be President!! Just remember, GOD appointed Biden to that position, and GOD is on the side of the left of America. God always wins!! So, don't get your hopes up that the National Guard is going to kick anyone's ass, because there isn't going to be a need for it! There won't a civil war or violence, because Before the 20th, a miracle will happen, and Biden will remain right where he is as YOUR NEW PRESIDENT.

It doesn't matter what you say to me. Biden is STILL going to be YOUR President for at least four years! Doesn't look good for you Trump Supporters! Congress is voting now and the "yes’s" are ahead! Looks like Biden is staying in place for awhile! Better get used to it!

I KNOW what is happening in government right now as we speak!! I KNOW WAY more things than any of you Trump Supporters do!! That is the reason I am a STRONG Democratic Socialist woman and support Biden, because I understand how our government is supposed to work, and Biden represents that!! I KNOW they are voting on the 25th, but it is failing, meaning trump will NOT be president anymore!! SO, how dumb do you feel now that I proved you wrong!?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Biden, and the success he is going to have the next four years PER GOD'S ORDERS!!!!! Not one of you Trump Supporters is more powerful than GOD!!!!!!

Secondly, there is a BIG difference between a revolution and violence!! NOW, what we need IS revolution, but since we as Biden supporters are PEACEFUL people, as last week showed, we won't engage in that riot terrorist shit!! It has been Quanon, Racists, and Nazis who have been doing the riots, looting, school shootings, church burnings, and overall vandalism of businesses over the past 4 years!! What makes you think that Biden supporters had anything to do with the Capitol riots!? Biden supporters are just like Biden!! Peace loving, family oriented, Godly, and pure at heart!! No reason for us to be the violent ones with GOD on our side!!

Biden isn't going to be removed. Biden is protected by the most powerful being in the universe, THE CREATOR, OUR LORD THY GOD!!!!!!!!!! God appointed Biden as our President, and God is going to make sure Biden stays for his second term, and probably a third as well! We have a long haul of Biden that are going to LEAD this great nation back into being a faith based MORAL nation of pious, GODLY and holy people!! This was part of God's plan all along, for centuries, and we don't need to question why he choose Biden and the Harris family, but HE did and Biden is God's lion right now!!

Nothing Trump Supporters or Nazis can do and nothing the Communists in Congress can do, will remove Biden. There doesn't have to be violence. Many Biden supporters need to understand that, even with the best intentions of saying they want a revolution, there is NO need for man to intervene, because God has it ALL taken care of. By the 20th, we will all be seeing the actual FACE of GOD, and sadly, MOST of you will have to finally accept the truth about your sinful and corrupt living, and how you mocked God and our new President! There is STILL time to be saved, ask for forgiveness, and start to turn your life around, but you don't get that chance after God performs His miracles in the next few days, and after the rapture and judgement comes! I will be fine. My fellow Biden supporters and Patriotic Americans will be fine! We will be held on high and protected as Biden will be. All I can say is that we warriors of Christ have been warning you Trump Supporters for YEARS, our entire lives, about this, so there is NO excuse. You won't be able to tell Christ that no one told you, that you never were witnessed to, that you didn't know about Him! Some of you will try, but you can't pull one over on God!!

Nothing man does, no matter who they are, is stronger than God. So Congress can vote how they want on this removal silliness, but it isn't going to matter. Biden is impervious to attacks from the right!!

Remember, that Biden is the new AMEN!!!!! The new Hallelujah!!!!! The new HOLY HOLY HOLY!!!!!! Biden AMEN!!!!!!!!
FuckTrumpsNaziParty Political January 12, 2021 at 10:21 pm 1
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anonymous 2 weeks ago
Very clever.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Jesus is the Amen! Not Biden! Stop your blasphemous speech! Lol
God is not on any side in politics or governments.
Your ignorance is running rampant.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Dear anons 3 & 4,

Triggered much?

Cry more!!
FuckTrumpsNaziParty 2 weeks ago
You can mock God and me all you want, but I am not on God's shit list. That is you buddy. Also, Biden will not POTUS. Trump still WILL be President. Just watch and see, God has a plan and works in mysterious ways! I hope you are going to pray and reconcile with God soon, because the Book of Revelations is playing out before or eyes!
Scott L 2 weeks ago
When god unscrews your head and your brain shoots out like a spring-loaded snake and hits god in the eye you will be nothing more than an inconvenient mote. You're mentally ill. Get help and get right.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Biden will be a President soon, Scott, not Trump! And stop shoving religion down people’s throats, you Nazi Jesusf*g! Religion must die! Then again, I bet you hate Jews too!
anonymous 2 weeks ago
^Triggered much Scatt Lardsin?

Cry more!!
FuckTrumpsNaziParty 2 weeks ago
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