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Gaza Bombing

Gaza Bombing

Too bad Biden can't pardon the turkeys US and EU for supplying the arms and morale support of the ongoing Genocide going on in Gaza by Israel. Biden should by now understand before he speaks of it, the only Two State solution that the Israelis ever wanted regarding Palestinians is Dead & Gone.

Western media can't make a thing not a thing that is happening to Palestinian civilians by not saying the word: Genocide. Or make it not a reality by selectively curating coverage of it.

Israelis have bombed Hospitals to make it so the injured have less chance of surviving a bombing. They have bombed bakeries, fisheries, UN food storage facilities to try and starve the people to death. They have bombed water supply and sewage treatment plants to try and spread diseases to kill the people. They have bombed over crowded UN schools where the people go to for shelter after their homes are bombed because it is going to kill a lot of people with the least effort. They have lied to the people about being safe in southern Gaza to depopulate northern Gaza for another Palestinian land grab and also to crowd more people together to kill more of them easier. They have cut communication and electricity to make it more difficult to see the war crimes they are committing, but still the word does get out.
anonymous Political November 20, 2023 at 2:12 pm 3
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You are severely misinformed. Hamas is very much like Al-Quida in the 2000’s. Israel had their own 9/11 and is retaliating as they have been terrorized and abused for nearing a hundred years now. They have suffered greatly by being merciful and their enemies have taken advantage.
Hamas purposely places missle batteries and military barracks and supplies in and around hospitals, schools, neighborhoods, they are using their own people as human meat shields. They have admitted as much through spokespersons. They are willing for all of their own to die to take out Israel. They are the aggressors. And Israel is forced to choose between letting them constantly bomb it’s own people or inflicting civilian causalities on the enemies side. It’s a tough choice, but much like WW2 and the Nazi’s somethings are unavoidable.
Sam 2 weeks ago
^All a mess of Israel's making from the original Palestinian property seizure and forced relocations/ expulsions by the colonizing European Jews, so let them clean it up themselves without the American tax dollars that need to stay home. Christian religious wackos who think our tax money is for supporting the people protecting Jesus' new return site will just have find find a new fantasy landing spot to call their own like Salt Lake City or the Vatican.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
Okay sir. First selling the guns is not a crime its simply doing business. I could sell to Iran or any place doesn't mean I want to support the country is business. You act like they are responsible. No I mean they can't really say no if Israel hasn't really done much except fight Palestinians and they have fought eachother forever so that isn't really a reason. You are a nut blaming Christians and Jews. First I don't care who wins nothing to do with me let's keep it that way. Selling guns is no different to selling food.
anonymous 2 weeks ago
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