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Fuck you

When have you ever given a shit about me? You abandoned me after my father abandoned us. 8 months old and I had no mother or father. You abandoned me at my grandparents and you knew my grandpa was a pedophile who molested you! How the fuck could you do that?!!!!!

You had 5 kids after me and kept them all. Not me though! Now my siblings and I don't "connect". Its basically like I have no siblings. I get to see them posting pictures on facebook all close and I'm never included. My sister gets off on this shit. She likes the fact that she looks like the eldest and keeps them all under her grasp. Always loving together. They know each other.

My mother has never expressed remorse for abandoning me or understood what that has caused me. I cut people out of my life at the first sign of trouble because I'm too afraid they are going to abandon me.

My dad tried to cone back into my life at 16. Called me on april fools day! Yea it was a joke. I went to visit him in another state. He made me a promise to always be in my life. What a joke! I probably heard from him a dozen more times before nothing...

I'm so sick of people abandoning me. My ex abandoned me pregnant too. I was 23 and we had been together 6 years. I try and just stay away from people now. My own mother recently tried to make me feel like I wasnt good enough and I cut her out of my life. I moved cities to be closer to her and my siblings. Ive been here 10 years and its been a total fail. Im moving back across the state.

Its more than they have ever done for me. I tried for 10 long years.
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