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Ok so I'm supposed to be writing a 6+ page paper in support of red flag laws and my teacher is like, "Class, you guys need to have 4+ pages all about your argument it's called your 'confirmation.'" HOW THE FUCK DO I WRITE FOUR PAGES ON RED FLAG LAWS?????
"YOU NEED THEM OR PEOPLE DIE" - my essay ladies and gentlemen
anonymous Sports December 15, 2019 at 12:44 am 0
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You need to find yourself a loophole. Do it the way my enemy would do it. Say that the requirements for the essay specify how many pages the essay must be AND NOT how many words your essay must be. (Yes, my enemy is that fucking childish)


Unless I'm as stupid as my enemy alleges and can't fucking count, that's six words. At one word per page, you have a six page essay... The Bullshit Radio Corporation way!

Go Bullshit!
Go Bullshit!
Yay Bullshit!

(I'm not saying that Red Flag Laws are bullshit, I'm saying that doing things my enemy's way is bullshit. Hence the name Bullshit Radio Corporation.)
anonymous 10 months ago
Shame you cannot buy an imagination on Amazon huh...Or maybe buy one in-game on your latest title...dumb twat.
Shorna 10 months ago
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