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Food puzzles

Food puzzles

I'm doing my best but I am getting so burned out on thinking about absolutely everything I put in my mouth.

Does this have too many calories? Does it have enough?

Am I eating the right portion of this?

Am I getting enough protein?

Are there any artificial colors or flavors in this? If so, how big a problem is that?

Am I getting enough vitamins and minerals?

Is this going to end up being too acidic and giving me heartburn?

Does this have enough fiber? Does it have too much? I eventually do want to poop again, but not halfway through the meal.

Is this organic? Is this one of the foods where it's really particularly important whether or not it's organic?

Can I get a better deal from another brand or another store? My health is more important than my savings account but I need both to be in alright shape.

You know, just for tonight, I think I'm going to say to hell with it, get carry out, and eat exactly what I want without worrying about any of this stuff. Sometimes you just need a break from everything being so damn serious.
anonymous Body January 23, 2021 at 9:50 pm 0
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