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Food bank

Please give generously to your local food bank -you kind amazing people -a little kindness goes a long way- thank you X
Anonymous Friends October 18, 2020 at 4:01 pm 0
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I donated today morning.
Hestia Cat 1 week ago
Bless you sweetheart x
Anonymous 1 week ago
And might want to make sure to keep a stockpile for yourself in case SHTF election day disrupting the economy and supply lines for some weeks. Get ready for power outages in areas also, can't vote if the machines don't work and easier to lose write in ballots if the polling places are able to switch to them. Don't count on the national guard, army, law enforcement establishing order either as several of the plotters to kidnap the Michigan governor were in the military and they have a local law enforcement official that joined in their armed protests and claimed they were within their rights to citizens arrest the governor. We are living in some very interesting times, on par with Nero fiddling while Rome Burned.
anonymous 1 week ago
I have too much fat on me il be fine
Anonymous 1 week ago
"I have too much fat I'll be fine"
I don't think It works that way with your body. You know, with the constant feeling of hunger you are going to experience... At least you won't be fine psychologically.
A boy-kid 1 week ago
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