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okay so apparently im not supossed to think that celebrities are hot according to my boyfriend we literally fight all the fucking time and its the most annoying thing in the world. like why do we have celebrities in the first place? because theyre fucking hot. like why would someone get so jelous over that shit its not like a famous rapper is gonna show up to my house like " yo lets fuck" like no honey thats not how it works so you dont need to throw a little hissy fit over that shit. AND school actually fucking sucks for me right now because some dumb bitch keeps telling people im harrasing her and i wasnt doing shit to her. she litterally makes up lies about me, i lowkey thinks she is obbsesed with me and she dosent really wanna admit it. im so confused because she has been making this up for about a year now and i have never talked to her in my life. i dont know what shes getting out of this and i need advice. shes liiterally telling my pricipal that i told her to kill herself and that shes a worthless piece of shit and i would never EVER say that to anyone. im so stressed out and so angry that my greats are literally dropping so fast because when i get in a situation like this i tend to get so frustrated that its all i can think about. no one belives i didnt say thos things except for my parents. i just want them to believe me. anyways i have a meeting w this bitch tmr and imma have to sit down and tlak to her which i think is a good idea because i just wanna know what the hell is going through her head man.
anonymous Relationships December 06, 2018 at 10:46 am 0
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If you are SAYING that you find these people hot STOP. I hate when my boyfriend says that actresses are hot. Like Yes I know they are but don't tell me you find them sexually appealing.
As for this other girl. Make sure she's blocked on all of your platforms. Then when people bring it up look at them and say I can't even see her stuff, I blocked her, I don't know what she's going on about.
anonymous 8 months ago
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