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People are letting off fireworks behind my house it’s started already bang bang bang ok I don’t mind a firework show but really it’s like random bang bang don’t know where it coming from it kind of frightens me about this time of year I worry about fireworks being in the wrongs hands and people putting them through letter box or letting them off where they shouldn’t it actually is really very uncomfortable for me I know how dogs must feel it’s horrible .
Anonymous Home October 18, 2020 at 4:05 pm 1
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There is a Hindu Festival going on right now. It might be related. Durga Puja.
Hestia Cat 1 week ago
Don't worry about fireworks in letter boxes etc. people are not that demented.
Hestia Cat 1 week ago
You’d be surprised where I live on a housing estate but I hope to god nobody would ever do that to anybody
Anonymous 1 week ago
I’m not saying all people that live on my estate are demented but there is a rare few who are and I wouldn’t put it past them honestly. No one ever do that for god sake .
Anonymous 1 week ago
I’m more worried now have anxiety people are dangerous with fireworks I wish they was banned for only special events and occasions they dangerous.
Anonymous 1 week ago
anonymous 1 week ago
OP, I actually know how frustrating it is. For about a month, fireworks would go off near my home, too, and it was especially annoying when I was trying to sleep.

I get that you're having a fun fiesta, people, but please - PLEASE - dial down a tad on the noise, or you'll wake not just the babies and pets, but everyone who needs sleep! Good Lord, man!

So yeah, I, too, hate fireworks.
Proud NB 1 week ago
Double Dutch fuck you back bitch fucking hell!.
Anonymous 1 week ago
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