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Ethier I m an Asshole or them

Ethier I m an Asshole or them

I have a friend, for some information, my friend has mintal illnesses, anyxity depression, and “DID”

The thing about me is I have issues with people, I don’t understand people, I have issues understanding emotions.

My issue is they are hard to deal with, I have a job, I work at night I can’t hangout as much, but they still try and ask if I can go pick them up or them come over, slightly annoying, but what ever.

My issue is saying no, I’m nice by nature and like buying gifts for others it’s one of the only ways I can show affection. I swear they take advantage of that, trying to get me to buy gifts for there friends,

Buy items that they DON’T use! Or don’t need, and useless trinkets .

When or if we go to a store they leave with more items then me , I personally blame it on my thinking style, we are both young Adults, but I’m more mature.

I will buy a shirt and socks normally, they will get figurines, pins and stickers .

But I digress , my big issues is that we both don’t like people, or going in public I can do it without issue if I have some close, but I don’t get that cuz they choose to stay in me car, and if I try and push they do this weird turtle thing. And I’m forced to go alone.

In the past I spent so much money on them in the past that they act shocked when I say no.

I don’t like being rude I make the wrong just or something “ that makes them uncomfortable “ and I’m the bad guy but I don’t care about that anymore

But I just don’t like having to censore my self

Last two

Them claiming to have DID, I honestly can’t tell if it’s real or fake, ethier way they ruined my 4th of July and plenty of outing with friend.

They need to practice self control and sh*t, cuz it gets annoying when I have a bad day and need to just chat to avoid my thoughts and they are “not them self “


There Sleep. This is the only thing I truly hate about them.

They are awake “all night” and then complain of not having energy ( don’t help they don’t eat a consistent meal)

I work at night and it pisses me off to see them awake at night, on there phone.

If I ever suggest we should go to sleep early there give me Attitude about being bossy or something like that.

Sorry for the messy set up I needed to post this and don’t do social media.

So am I an Asshole ?

Mercedes Friends August 02, 2020 at 6:18 am 0
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