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Enough bullshit

Enough bullshit

Okay, I'm tired of hearing 'God's Commands' and that the bible is 'God's Word'. I need proof that these commands even came from a higher deity and not someone in a bid for power. And if they were so important, why wasn't it announced to every follower by the deity? Why would an all-powerful, all-knowing deity use a manmade item to 'spread the word' knowing there would be people who doubted it?
I don't want to hear anyone's interpretation of what it could be because that means it came from another human, not a deity. If humans lied to me about Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc., all mythical beings, why should I believe anyone about a deity that doesn't make itself known to anyone? And don't give me that crap 'he's all around us'. That's lazy as hell.
Another thing, why the HELL would I follow the deity that's its own bad guy in the Bible? Rapes, murders, beatings, all okay in the Bible but not in real life yet the bible is hailed as a 'guide to life'? Did anyone even READ the Book of Joshua? And you question where my morals come from as an atheist?
My morality comes from real-life experience, treating others the way I would like to be treated, and weighing the consequences of any decisions I make, just as it should for everyone. You don't need a book or a being that would, in reality, be too busy to even worry about the human race with the universe to handle to tell you what morality is or command it.
If you claim to follow and support the Bible, word for word, I don't think you're someone I want to interact with. If you claim to not follow the Bible but believe in a higher being, therefore creating your own god, I'd implore you to ask yourself some questions as to why a higher being is needed in your life.
Though, like I'm used to, someone's going to comment on this in a wall of text trying to debunk me instead of taking any of it into consideration. I've already had people completely ignore the arguments in order to chastise me for not believing in a god. If I scare you that much to the point you're trying to defend something you may not have read thoroughly (or if you have and still want to defend it, you're probably going to be ignored), you might want to ask yourself why. Maybe ask yourself why the Bible condemns thought and refers to anyone who doesn't follow it as wicked and evil. Anyone in the real world would know that life isn't black and white like that.
anonymous Religion September 15, 2020 at 9:08 pm 2
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Because some goat herders wrote some crap in a book must mean it's true!!!1!!1ONETWOTHREEFOUR

Yes, religion is proof of an endless supply of dumbasses.

ZoobZoob loves you very much and will burn you forever if you don't love Him back.
anonymous 1 week ago
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