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My parents are too busy and they do not understand the seriousness of my situation. I keep trying to reach out to them, but I am failing. I do not trust anyone else. I have friends, but I do not trust telling them about my depression and suicidal thoughts. I have become dysfunctional due to depression. I am somehow carrying on. I need to stop and breathe. I am not getting the chance to stop and breathe because there is always something or the other. Today morning, on the way to work, I broke down and started crying loudly on the street. I composed myself at work. I walked through traffic and green lights unaware of my surroundings in my mental state. My fear is one of these days, I will breakdown while at work and start crying loudly. My circumstances have left me a mental wreck. I come to rantrampage to communicate with strangers. Hoping for some kind of human touch. Everybody in my family is too busy.
Hestia Cat Other December 02, 2019 at 6:26 pm 0
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