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Dear Scott Larsen

Dear Scott Larsen

((THIS RANT also tells the truth about everyone whom uses RR as well, NOT just me. Whomever reads this and agrees with me PLEASE put a thumbs up upon this “rant” of mine here so that we may let Scott Larsen know for a FACT that the only Republicans we all abhor is Scott Larsen and Donald Trump themselves. The rest we simply feel extremely sorry for since they all were conned into supporting Trump. Thank you))

I, a god fearing Christian, Democrat, Biden and Harris supporter, in FACT CAN accept others opinions, even those of republicans and Trump supporters.

HOWEVER, when it comes to YOU YOURSELF, I CANNOT and will NOT nor EVER accept and tolerate YOUR opinions and beliefs because of how unfathomably EVIL and REPULSIVE and VILE YOUR opinions and beliefs are!!

You are by far thee WORST republican/Trump supporter I have ever gotten to seeing, hearing, and meeting in my ENTIRE LIFE.

Do you understand what I am trying to say here Scott?
FuckScottLarsenTheSexistNazi Political December 03, 2020 at 6:21 pm 0
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Scott Larsen can't change and he will never change.

Therefore, he needs to be contained, keot away from children, and be put at the top of the FBI watch list.

It's not hard to tell that he will be one of the future mass shooters we hear about in the news. =(

With Trump gone, they can focus on domestic terrorism again.
anonymous 2 months ago
^ under any other president, those assholes purposely ramming their cars into protestors, the ones who were not in any actual danger until they spouted their pro Trump and racist views, would have been treated like the terrorists that they are.
anonymous 2 months ago
Here's hoping that Scott does serve prison time or be watched by the FBI very closely. The owner of this site should get Mr. Larsen's IP address and forward it to the authorities. And if he's sentenced, we hope it's in a state prison because those prisons are much worse than federal. Let's hope that same falls for the ugly baby with a headpiece in a diaper with the golden safety pin.
anonymous 1 month ago
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