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Crazy Veiwpoints

Crazy Veiwpoints

So today I learned of a hate group known as Incels. I can't believe these entitled fucks actually exist. If you don't know what an Incel is look it up for an in depth explanation. Pretty much they think that men should be in charge and women can only cook, clean, take care of kids, and teach. They think women shouldn't be sexually active and some of them even think they are entitled to sex just because they are a man. It makes me so mad that people who think this way still exist. They have no reason to think this way they are just sick entitled fucks. We have come so far to get equal rights for everyone no matter the gender, race, or sexual orientation and yet we still have people like this who want to ruin it all. Why would anyone want to destroy equality? This is a fucking hate group! Some of them have literally killed or threatened to kill women just because they are "men" and "should be entitled to everything". Like what the actual fuck?!!!???
anonymous Political November 09, 2019 at 12:10 am 1
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Originally they were called “involuntary celibates” and they were just really dorky or shy guys that had trouble talking to women. There’s a documentary about the guy that made the original LoveShy**** and he was just really socially awkward. A lot of the you get guys that are getting lumped in with this crowd don’t believe extreme gender things at all and are just lonely, they want a partner and a family. I only found all of this because my friend with autism was shot down by this girl and she started calling him an incel and we didn’t know what that was. It was really hurtful to him and he left the room I’m pretty sure to just cry.

Please just be aware that not every young guy with bad social skills feels this way and it can be very hurtful to say something like that to them. Socially awkward people aren’t always creeps, I have a friend with autism and my brother-in-law has been selectively mute because he suffers from PTSD. He didn’t marry my sister until they were in their 40’s because he lived a life of fear and isolation.

In short, have compassion before passing judgment. Some people are angry or sad because of real, hard trauma, and yelling at them doesn’t solve anything. We can be better by helping EVERYONE and giving ALL PEOPLE a chance!
Lorena 4 months ago
I hate being called an incel because I'm not an incel. I am celibate, but it is very much VOLUNTARY!

I do not want a relationship with a female... Not for sex or any other purpose.

* I have stated repeatedly that I do not want a girl.
* I am doing absolutely nothing to try to get a girl.
* I am not looking for a girl.
* I am having absolutely no contact with girls.
* I am NOT complaining about being unable to get a girl.

Given the facts that I have outlined above, and they are very much FACTS, what is "INVOLUNTARY" about my CHOICE to be CELIBATE?

I am under unlawful surveillance, there is no question about that, and people are saying that this surveillance is somehow girl related, but where is the issue? Is there some loser taking issue with the fact that I do NOT want his woman? Is there some "entitled" bitch out there who feels that she is being wronged if there are men in the world that do not want her?

I do not want a girl. How or why would that be an issue for anyone? How or why would that be an issue warranting my being placed under unlawful surveillance?

It's a FREE country and NO MAN is required to want a relationship, sexual or otherwise, with a female. That's life, dude! That's REALITY... You should JOIN it sometime.
anonymous 4 months ago
Incels suck.
anonymous 4 months ago
Volcel pride, worldwide!
Master Volcel Harrison 4 months ago
Incels killed people in my hometown. Fuck em

It's just tired old misogyny. Hate its nothing new.
anonymous 4 months ago
^ Profiling incels for profiling women...

Black people are responsible for almost all homicides. That's why all nazis become hateful bigots. [19% Fuck em all, but 80% fuck you. (1% fuck myself)]
anonymous 4 months ago
I didn't mean it. Go on scapegoating the incels. Women are not property because obviously they are intelligent to think for themselves and shouldn't be thought of as a commodity.
anonymous 4 months ago
Oh yeah, I'm the dick cause I remember that some incel piece of shit ran over a dozen people down the street from me. My bad.

Fuck that creepy cult.

Get out of there if you're in it. Join a different group where you can meet new people. Incel is the worst way to go.
anonymous 4 months ago
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