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Could have gone better

Could have gone better

that was my fault
was trying to get to them and slipped
oh well im just happy i got to hang out with one of you for a while
the group was pretty nice too
just wish i hadnt been having so many issues
so weird that it wouldnt show anyone or would show randomly and then disappear

anonymous Other December 06, 2018 at 9:17 am 0
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or maybe i just went there at a bad time
thats possible
anonymous 9 months ago
sorry if i was being a bother
anonymous 9 months ago
just so you know it wasnt going to be grown to full anyway
it was intended to be food
i wasnt making it for combat
now its neither xD
anonymous 9 months ago
i grew it for variety and because it gives quite a bit of food
might try again later but please let me do it solo
its for you know who and their group
anonymous 9 months ago
i cant do groups
i told you it never goes well
that kinda proves it don't you think?
not that i didn't enjoy it but it was scary
anonymous 9 months ago
its was only going as far as sub
then i was gonna switch to something else on another account
now im running out of time

anonymous 9 months ago
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