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okay so my boyfriend went on omegle the other day with his cousins. there was this one girl who was talking about how thick she was and showed them ass pictures. he did not look away, tell her to stop, or mention that he has a girlfriend. she then flashed her boobs twice, which he encouraged. his first thought was "why would i need to get a picture when they probably will?". his cousin then gave her his snap and he added her back. he didn't think of me or mention me. he doesn't see anything wrong with he did and when i got upset said "i shouldn't have said anything". is this cheating?
anonymous Relationships January 24, 2020 at 6:23 pm 0
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This is absolutely cheating. And beyond him doing this in the first place him seeing nothing wrong in his actions and saying he shouldn't have said anything indicates to me that he is a piece of shit who doesn't think about you and just sees his wants and desires. I know I'm just some random person on the internet but I can empathize with your situation, and at the end of the day its your choice and I dont know anything about your relationship, but from what I see I would break up with him or at the least try to make him undertand.
anonymous 4 weeks ago
Uhhh yeah...he’s got no respect for you, even sadder, sounds like you don’t respect yourself, cause if you did, you wouldn’t have to come ask complete strangers if your dipshit boyfriend is cheating by doing all that. He’d be your ex boyfriend already.
A cheater 4 weeks ago
girl you need to break up with him quick. This is ABSOLUTELY cheating.
tiktokstan 4 weeks ago
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