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I dated this guy for a few months and things we’re going great! He started being weird and said he didn’t see things working out between us because he was moving. I said okay! We ended amicably. I saw him on tinder a few months later and we matched! I messaged him and asked him to hot tub and he UNMATCHED ME!!! I’m just annoying at this point. Seems stupid.... idk I’m just upset and feel rejected all over again. Help?
anonymous Dating February 14, 2020 at 10:31 pm 1
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Oh god, oh no, oh god, one guy doesn't wanna hot tub with me wtf!?!
seems stupidus 1 week ago
Wtf guys literally eat shit?!?
seems stupidus 1 week ago
"Oh god, oh no, oh god, one guy doesn't wanna hot tub with me wtf!?! "

How can you be so insensitive? Can't you see that this woman's world is falling apart? Some dude that she may have "hot tubbed" with before doesn't want to "hot tub" with her anymore. Her life is over! Show this woman some empathy. How would you feel if some dude rejected you not once but twice? I think a little compassion is in order... It's completely unfair to expect a woman to move on.
anonymous 1 week ago
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