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man it's been about a month since my birthday and I still can't get over this. I mean ik sometimes not everyone is free or maybe you don't feel like you're close enough to me but wishing me a happy birthday is it that hard? I don't mind if you're busy I mean I get it. my birthday was on a weekday so it was understandable but straight up saying you forgot it was my birthday is just really heartbreaking. I may sound like an attention seeker but so what. IT WAS MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY??? do I not deserve even a little bit of attention :( it was my day bro I waited a long time I just want a few wishes I don't even need presents maybe just happy birthday with a smiley face I don't even need a post but it would be nice yk. maybe I'm just jealous cause all I see are my other friends getting tons of messages and insta stories celebrating their birthday but I couldn't even go out to celebrate :( man maybe I am overreacting but no one realises how big birthdays are to me :( like I get if you don't think they are but if you're truly my friend would you not even care a little to even remember my day. I wanna post smth on Instagram for a birthday post for myself but now it feels a little too late and attention seeking I don't even know anymore man maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up next year
anonymous Other June 06, 2023 at 1:08 pm 0
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I know it may be late but happy birthday I wish you a better birthday for next year I’m deeply sorry it felt like your day got ignored..
anonymous 4 months ago
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