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Okay, this is gonna be a quickie. I'm talking about representative Ocasia-Cortez. She is dumb af. And other Democrats who want to demonize border officials and ICE agents.No wonder why Thomas Homan destroyed them at the House hearing.
anonymous Political July 12, 2019 at 10:19 pm 3
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"Both" political parties make a laughing stock out of your liberties. Lazy americunts don't care, and that's dangerous now that someone who hasn't been cleansed by MK Ultra political programming is allegedly in office ... but he has, it's just not the kind of mind control that tickles your clit the way you like. But just wait until the cenamacs get false flagged into being the bad guys, the bloodshed is gonna make you so much wetter than anything, and it's all perfectly safe for white america. ;)
anonymous 1 month ago
^ Spewaking to AoC, btw
anonymous 1 month ago
AOC is gonna be like the sexiest neo-aztec colonel. She's gonna start killing her own people like hell. They always snap backwards hard when the poles switch places, and I wouldn't be surprised if she already had millions of acres of underground torture cells prepped for it.
anonymous 1 month ago
Alex 2028
Bill 1 month ago
ANTI-AOC = angry right-wingers jealous of her looks and intelligence. The men are because they know they can never have anyone like her. The women hate her because they are fat, ugly and stupid.
anonymous 1 month ago
Homan owned her? Which feed were you watching?
She caught him lying several times, and the whole time he looked like a sweaty scared bloated potato.
If you're cool with ICE and the concentration camps, then congrats, you would have fit in great in 30s Germany.
This is a crime against humanity. To cheer it on is self-defeating - you're cheering the erosion of human rights which will inevitably affect you. But by then there will be no one left to stick up for you.
anonymous 1 month ago
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