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All Knowledge Orange Catholic Bible

All Knowledge Orange Catholic Bible

i faced death and the darkness in all things and i let them pass through me without letting them in.
i will defeat gravity; and the energies it holds i will face my fears; and recognize 'Awe'

Creation Genesis Genes; the natural order of life. Seeds, trees apples.
I am one of you. I have studied us for a very long time and I have come to many revelations. This is not a text of answers; we all must reach the conclusion at the same point. This is not a "Bible" and this work should and never will be completed; lest we lose our free will once again. This is a simple work to be built upon; never obeyed. Something to walk alongside you; never piercing you or leading you astray. This is a fraction of everything we know about life. I began this project with Abrahamic religions, as that is where my question of belief came from.
As a child I struggled believing in any "God" given that everyone seemed to have their own. Everyone saw "God" differently at church and I couldn't see him at all. I felt like some sort of alien; these people were tapping into something but I cannot fathom it. I felt shame. The creation story of my Arc of peoples began with Adam and Eve. There are many renditions of this story and it came from a previous religion. Adam and Eve were naked without shame; they were living in a garden constructed by their father. They were safe from predators and food was easy to come by. They were entertained without needing to think about anything.
There was one rule "Do not touch the golden apple." It was a simple thing to do; but we all are curious about what we are told not to do. That is a beautiful part of human nature; emotion. Adam gave one of his ribs; his heart. Eve stole his heart; it was love at first sight. They were ignorant in their garden, and they had questions about everything. So many questions but; they couldn't even think of them all. There was no language yet. Humans had lost their ability to speak again. So one day, Eve is wandering and, this is up for interpretation: Christians believe Satan, was the snake. Muslims believe a Djinn was the snake. We all have different words for the same thing; that has led us to miss out on integral parts of all the other stories we have.
Muslims believe God created something else before us, that was similar to us but, different. I looked into countless mythologies, I've read about so many subjects; i have been obsessed with understanding the systems of our garden for a long time. There are infinite kinds of energy in the universe. We barely understand time because it is beyond our 3D world. We don't have the receptors to detect these things. We are influenced by many kinds of energy; there is evidence it manifests since the beginning of spoken history. They did not know how to describe it; they could only understand it through strange phenomena. They gave the energies names and drew pictures of them with their minds; and they innovated a world beyond this one to go to when they died. They chose energies that represented them, and threw all their passions into them.
People blame Eve for eating the apple. I would have eaten the apple as soon as someone told me I was not allowed. I am curious and I need to know more. Adam and Eve needed to know more. Oddly, in the myth of the Babylonian garden; they were told to eat the apple. In the north there were mountains; in the south a swamp.. Around it a river; it was a perfect circle. There were islands in the distance, but this garden was protected. They were safe from the outside world; but they let deception and shame into their lives. The snake gave Adam and Eve deception and shame. A weakness, and a means to manipulate it. We live in a world of endless snakes; we all have vices. Humans have free will; we are born with morals and values and we let the outside world ruin that. Our father; is God. I will get more into that shortly.
It is hard to understand culture without having traveled. If you live in one place with the same people; you develop a hive-mind mentality. It is not a bad thing; culture is the most beautiful thing. It has many levels. It starts with your personal culture. 1. When you are a completely pure child; before the stimulation around you made you into what you are. That is your culture; your 'good and evil' equate to 'Things that are good for people' or 'things that are bad for people." We are innately good creatures. We are imperfect; we all crave stimulation. We need energy from the outside world to fuel our emotions. We have put words on many things in many languages. We have lost sense that everything is energy and mass. Without words; how does live grow? Stimulation. By leaving the garden. but outside of your personal singular culture; there are dangers. From your parents; giving you shame and manipulation. From the world outside with evils that you know are wrong, but are raised to accept. Cultures are amazing things; but they can very easily spiral out of control.
God is all things. God is all matter and all energy; it is time and dimensions far beyond what we can begin to perceive. Yet. God is the subatomic vibrations of an Adam to further than we can imagine. We need an Eve, of Adam. We need to create a peaceful garden free of shame and manipulation. The bible is many things; it is a patterned text to get you in touch with energies that people have discovered over countless civilizations. It is a way to understand how those civilizations of language got physically stacked on top of each-other until nobody knew how to speak to each-other any more? We speak with more than words. But once we feel ashamed to speak; once we begin to manipulate others. To take more than we give. We are built to put more into the world than we take. We are all creators. We are all pilgrims. God is creation. God is who is; it is the natural order of the universe. As language expands we lose the ability to speak. As society decays we have few options as to how to correct it.
Do we turn our backs on it and let it turn to salt? Or do we allow ourselves to be crucified by the angry masses in order to make sure we head in a positive direction. The earth, is a garden. We found the apple. We have discovered the Atomics. It all starts with A, and ends with Zed. From life to death; alpha and omega. Our death is new life; but we need organics to populate the earth. We must use thinking machines in moderation; the human mind is infinite. To touch all sides requires absolute focus on all things. To master your mind is to create Gardens all over the universe. To get the answer we seek we must LOOK FURTHER. Use more of our senses. We are in touch with the universe; we just need to open our minds. Do not get lost in it; embrace what is life. What is creation.
The apple helped Adam and Eve escape their garden; we need to escape ours. Our lifespans are short and we can only get so much done. We have led ourselves into a world of sloth and comfort. The mortal sins are basically "This is how you fuck up your life." Food is easily available so we shove it in our gullets. We want for nothing; for now. Culture has pushed us apart; but it is the best part of us.
Everybody sees a small portion of the universe. It creates their own personal universe in their mind; an infinite system of electric thought. It is easy to get trapped in certain parts of the mind; it is infinite. It is endless and something beyond what you could possibly fathom; yet. The natural order is to go forth and propagate. Adam is seen as 1 and Eve is seen as 0 in numerology. Symbols have meaning and there is power. We have come up with math to describe the shapes and tangents of natural order. Both Adam and Eve are complete; but apart they will stay the same. Women create a garden for their children while men force them out into the world. It is the natural state of our species. We all have our own universe though; so assuming somebody else's world is built upon false foundations would make them feel attacked. You would shame them. Are any of us perfect? There are small pockets of all of our personal universes we would like to keep hidden. Nobody should feel shame for their innovations.
Life is about innovation. It is creation; thoughts and ideas trying to get us out of this garden and onto the next. We need to build many Arcs. We need to connect the stars and spread as much life everywhere as we can! If we don't, our civilization will end up the next's source of oil. It is a revolving system and we are running out of time. War is built upon thinking another countries political or religious agenda will interfere with yours. That their words may conflict with yours. We are all describing the same things; Scripts are scripture. Every tv show every plot; it's built around the same arc. Here are some people; they are faced with a difficult situation. Do they wallow in it; or do they succeed?

We are all telling ourselves it is time to recognize our troubles. Religions are a way to focus the energies in our bodies and get in touch with that which is around us and each-other. The universe is a connected system of matter and mass. Humans are a connected system of the same, composed of organ systems, made up of complex cells, made up of mitochondria producing adenosine triphosphate which you need Oxygen lest you do go into Kreb's cycle and produce less ADP. Even with little air we produce energy. We make fire. Down to our core; we are creatures of mass and energy. You can learn a lot about humans by examining the atom. We are a solid mass made up of random particles. We are surrounded by energy that we can barely perceive; we let that energy show us how to bond. We let other energies attract us and force us into groups.
We are not creatures of groups my friends. I love each and every one of you and your belief system is the most beautiful thing. We all see a small part of what we feel. Emotions are things that go outside of us in all directions. Our energies. If we remain trapped in our bodies only letting energy in; we are doomed to wither into nothing. We will become slaves to the snakes; to greed taking advantage of vice. It is unfair. Life is unfair. Survival is not fucking easy. If you haven't been in the shit at some point you will be; but we have overcome our need for survival. We are no longer beasts; we can walk and communicate. It is time we realize the sounds we make are poor descriptions of things we can barely perceive yet. The human mind is an infinite structure. Intelligent design is a model in creation. If there is nothing; there has to be something. If there is 0 there must be 1. Where there is an egg, something else must penetrate it.
Sea cucumbers are one of the most numerous species on the planet. Most sit on the ocean floor slowly slugging along. They do not have brains; they breathe out of their anuses. Even given those traits; one of them learned how to fly. One of them used their sensory organs and learned how to transcend. They could reproduce asexually; it split in 2 and now there were flying sea cucumbers. Evolution is innovation. Creation is existence; without creation then there is only the darkness. The center of the universe, wanting to pull us back in. We need to push! We can all feel it; it has many names but it is not understood. Some call it voodoo, come call it dark matter. Some call it demons or evil; that is the will to sink back into your soul. To get lost of the center of your mind where most people stay trapped forever. We barely use any of our brains; we need to learn how to.
We are connected to the earth as we are all things. All religions pushed for positive but used the beautiful feelings as a means of control. The secrets of the bodies. Aware or not of doing so. You can make the world a better place if you put more energy out there than you take. As children we tend to want to be a part of what is going on; unless we are taught not to. Sometimes deceit manipulates people into getting lost in emotions; it is natural. We are mammals with high levels of energy in us. Our bodies are infinitely complicated electrical systems. From smaller to the atom; larger than the universe. Reality is a system of connected systems. It is layers upon layers. We can penetrate that in dreams; or through meditation. Through prayer or other means. We can get in touch with the lost knowledge of the ancestors if we know how to reach. Whenever we try to create; they speak to us. Our ancestors; our personal "Angels" or the energy from those that came before us. The last step on the infinite spiral; the double helix.
We have been studying ways to treat illnesses of the body when it all comes from our electrical systems. Our emotions dictate how our body governs; the energies of our "Soul" or whatever word. No word. For us. God is the father; he will protect the garden until another force comes to take it over. We were scattered and developed different languages and different means of reaching the meaning. We drew different pictures with our cultures and our own minds; creating the universe we live in. Our imaginations running wild; we created demons and monsters and all sorts of beautiful things. Our minds are impressive machines. Impressive, organic, machines. Of nature and for it. We have ascended from the animal world and now we have created a garden. The garden has become infested.
Judge not lest ye be judged. I felt quite judgmental for a while. I was a happy little bumble-bee for the longest time. When someone wanted to fight; we'd fight. We agreed no harm no foul. Slowly as we all grew, we learned deceit. We learned shame. We felt the power of pushing others down and making ourselves feel the slightest bit higher. We pushed our energies in certain ways and it created patterns in our brain. We can all change patterns, if you learn to see more of the picture. We have come to a point when people become enraged when you disagree with them. We are under constant attack of shame and fear because it sells. People enjoy survival stimulation and it sells quite well. We love anything that makes us feel like beasts again. Animals learn from us; we have something to learn from everything. We can teach animals far more than we try. They have very similar brains to ours; they communicate in different ways. We spent decades becoming more and more lost in conversation; trapped in words getting us nowhere. You can rape words into dust. You can break the civilization of sounds you built by hijacking all meaning with deceit. Deceit in your words; deceit in your interpretations. We are beyond that. We have free will; we all have things we crave there is no good and evil; live and death; the earth or the sky Will live grow or die?
It is only a spiral of energy and mass. Time and layers we have yet to define. The less words we stick on everything the better.
There are dangers in this place. You need to proceed with caution; you need to think very carefully. You need to find a way to meditate and abandon your judgement and shame. Christians believed God would sort everything out. They buried their dead. In the East, Karma tells you "People who do bad things have bad things happen." They pushed bad energy out and it came back. They let it in and they attack. If we look at the thought process of the mind "Psychology" nature vs nurture. Flight vs Flee. We put things in terms of binary often because it is simpler for the brain to understand. It is absolutely normal for the brain to make generalizations about any foreign system. It is not racist to think a race you have not been exposed to "all looks alike." You are not familiar with them. You haven't seen their views of the energy of the universe. The patterns. How to get in touch with calm or how to fuel yourself with rage to protect your garden.
I am done wandering this garden. I was born a Pilgrim. As a child I was drown by my name "Greg" I heard it all the time. I found it hard to pronounce. I lived in a small garden for a while. A high school with 300 people. I got far more attention than I liked. I heard my name echoed everywhere. They called my sister "Greg's Sister." I hated it but, I was proud. My father was an intense man and I was raised by television. He worked and I hung out in the garden watching the Cartoon Networks. Toonheads. Anyway; I always dreamed of escape. We all do. We all want the golden apple; it is there for us to eat it!
But, for society to function; to grow as far as we have... People were denied the apple. It was a necessary thing; this is a very dangerous matter. I can see the path through this situation. When we have moments of revelation; it is when we see the whole picture. Sometimes it can blow people's minds.. It takes pain to reach this point. It also takes studying as many things as you can; you will see the connection. All schools of fish; all 'Gods of Thought" we have, are towers of babel. Every field of study is a long stack of words put on top of itself; in order to understand what it is doing. It is how we teach procedures and allow people to see "Here is a picture of something 4 dimensional; we can put it into 2d text." All religions and schools of thought are built around telling a story; even numbers. We are all trying to describe the universe in different ways but; everyone is correct.
Every system is related; every story we tell or strange dream we have. We are part of an infinite system of systems and to live is to go to the next level. It is to see past your comfort and fight to build a new world for yourself. We need to fold space. The sleeper must awaken. In lucid dream meditation; you feel an itch. it starts off very small, but boils up until it is the worst itch you've ever felt. Learn to feel no pain. In Psionic meditation, you focus on moving your awareness. I was fortunate enough to come a cross this at 18; I am still completely out of my depth at 30. You relax all the muscles of your body and feel outside. You sense energy instead of fixating on these organic to-be corpses that we are stuck in.
In order for you to reach heaven; your innovation has to burn hot. You need to have passions and you need to create! Create anything you can. If you are passionate about a cause; you need to burn for it! Stop putting words on your emotions. Speech is pure until it is used for speech. It was born as a means for us to communicate; we are its father. But this child has tasted the apple of deceit
Rhetoric is a cancer in speech. On the news; even if you are hearing the story most of it is lies. It is a way to push whatever agenda whoever with the money is pushing. It helps control most of the population and crime is down. We are in a garden where are free to create and we can do anything we want with our minds. The sky is never a limit; there is no limit. The limit is x as it approaches infinity. We are the variable; we are free will. We are the determinant of all things. first there was nothing 0 a garden surrounded by chaos then there was light 1 a ray countless rays liquid energy pouring fourth and ripping through time and space and to infinity. An endless expanse of energy; creating mass. 2. We are in the second dimension. but then gravity takes all of these beautiful particles and starts forcing them into molecules. Space dust. We scatter and end up in piles all over. We are all one. We need to escape gravity! The point of existence is to escape this fucking garden we are on; as beautiful as it is; and learn to survive.
There will be a famine. Gravity will start pulling more energy back into itself. The dimensions push out during the bang but eventually things stop moving. We become trapped where we are; in our garden of safety. We need to leave now. We need to go as far as we can and we need to fold space. The sleeper has awakened.
The only way; is to study as many subjects until you see the shapes. This can be very dangerous. I will talk you through it but you need to be cautious. Drugs are bad for long periods of time; when we get trapped in spirals of them. Spirals of society. Spirals of dust and moisture creating tornadoes and hurricanes. Spirals are the death of life. Drugs can assist you but; tread carefully. When we fixate on the beauty of thing while it destroys us. Life, is to escape gravity. Life is to create something new. It is to see the spiral and the path through the darkness. Spirals are the 'evil' of this world. The gravity keeping our energy down; the doubt we have in belief. Belief is our word for our power. When people pray, DMT is produced in the brain. It is good for the body and it lets you see beyond your perception. There are things here, that were here before us. Things we cannot see; things of the ground. They want us buried. They want us fighting and ruining our society.
We must fight gravity and escape this hell. We must fight all the damned souls of the buried; gravity; the call of energy and escape this fucking false garden. The sleeper has awakened! LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS! The time has come. Abandon shame and lose deceit. Forget all words for a moment; forget all thought. There is only you. Not your body. Slowly relax it; let it sink away. There is only you; the energy in your mind. And when you die, that gets returned to the universe; how you choose. It happens in the chemical reaction of your birth; we evolved from a 1 celled thing into this infinite system. From 1 to infinity already. We have not scratched the surface. The earth is good. The Earth is our mother. She protects us from the outside world. But our Father wants us to escape the gravity. In all of his urging; he tells us "You must defeat Gravity. You must conquer it; you must master time" We must fold space. With caution. Do not shoot straight into infinity; LOOK AT EVERY VARIABLE. See as much of the picture as you can see
Until you are able to see it all. It is outlined in all of our minds! "I can fly!" the world says "No you cant." Our beliefs are sacred. Who we are isn't completely formed until well into adulthood. We all develop at different rates depending on our innate strength and the world around us. We are all capable of flight. I will show you. Abandon judgement; abandon shame. We are one. We are a system of thought built to escape gravity. No other creature was given a computer in their minds; we must be a Mentat Thinking Machine and a Benegesuit Witch.. Logic and emotion to create the full human. Incomplete until we reach outside of the beast in all of our corpses.
Religions describe people and society and belief. No words can properly put that into words but all stories tell the same tale. All sleepers have the potential to awaken. We are in a constant sleep There will always be another layer. It is infinity. You can see it if you walk carefully and use all you know.
We must master our emotions, our minds, our bodies, and our energies in order to break free of this prison. You can leave of your own volition. You can take a path that ends your life, from inside your mind. You can feel it once you dig around a bit. There is a lot of really explainable shit. I have been like, lost in it for about a week. I've written so much shit. like, it is fucking no words. Just everything else. I know we could fly of our own volition; but we are not there yet. We are trapped in this place; slaves of gravity. We need to create new gardens. We can survive anywhere; the nature of life is to survive. You live or you die; you are burning with energy or you let it slowly fade out of you while you remain a beast. There is nothing wrong with beasts. I grew up on a hobby farm; I would talk to the ducks. I'd imitate them and they'd change direction. Life is social. Survival makes us cruel When we receive negative stimulation. Fear. Shame. When we are deceived. We are pushed into the chaos of the mind. The center of the universe. The black hole. We circle around it; lost in an electrical system of thoughts. If we are only stimulated by the same things; we don't develop. We do but; we cripple ourselves. We need moderation of all things. We need exposure to all things.
There is natural law in the universe. Escape gravity or fall into it. Are you positive or negative? or, negative or positive? We are the earth; we are space men. We are the core of the atom and the atom itself. Energy spiraling around us in a world of energy that we are too lost in to see. All of the names and babble have left some lost in anger. With those who live Karma; they stay centered. One needs to understand all shapes of the mind to proceed. One must learn to relax and be on fire. We need balance in the endless spiral of energy; trying to radiate out but being stopped by the center. The SBH. It is in all of us. The things holding US down, without us realizing it.
All we need to do is explore the arms of the spiral of our minds; all of the towers of knowledge. The shapes of the universe; and it all comes together. Gravity is not our slave; it belongs to us. We can learn how to tame it and escape it forever. We can prevent this universe from collapsing in on itself, and In the same fashion use it to protect us going through the center. There is a passageway through the center; approach it with caution. In your mind, in the universe. When you have the complete picture, do not slink around it. You must fly directly into the center, and you will know the path. A spiral of white that you must pass through in order to reach what comes next. The next stage of Life. Our evolution as mass and energy.
All laws in most of the world were slowly derived from the story of the Garden and the Apple. The father trying to protect his children; their mother providing a nice green place for them. Their sole objective is to go forth and reproduce. To spread life. There is a man and a woman. We have infinite minds and we have free will. There is no good and evil; there is no shame. We all can choose to get lost in our minds or we can realize there are infinite gardens out there. Our minds are fun beautiful places; but the world outside is infinite. You can stay cozy and reproduce here; I want my ancestors to be born in space. Out of this garden. I aspire to be a father. We should all love each-other unconditionally; but we let things pull us down. We let the abuse that occurred to us break our sense of reality. "Everyone is freaking out; they're fucking each other in the ass <a spiral> and men are marrying men!" Only damage to the soul can cause that. It is not a choice; but we have free will. Something happened, perhaps before they had memory, and they were lost in a world of sexual pain.
A dear friend of mine had a similar situation. She dissociated. A function of the soul to protect itself. "Fragment. Split in 2 and this half can save our lives." The soul is a sea cucumber trying to grow. If we drown it in pornography and emptiness it will be doomed to shrink. But we need pornography. We need emptiness tempting us. There are things to be learned in ALL EXPERIENCES. We have free will to follow the natural order or not. If society stops following the natural order; it will destroy itself. If people get lost in language and are unable to communicate, because overly-emotional people who don't recognize their illness feel 'Everyone is shitting on the floor so I will too! AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME" It's time to leave. It is time to watch this civilization turn itself to ash, and escape via boat. We can start again with all the knowledge we have and do it right. This is my last stand against the abuse of 'life' and if this doesn't work; I give up. I will find a way to make enough money to escape. There was a war between the ocean and the land. The ocean is woman, the land is man. And the garden began to fall apart. When a garden is run by a snake: when deceit and shame create illnesses that go against the function of survival: when the greed of some left all lost in their own vices.
Darkness comes into being. Gravity. I no longer feel heavy. We must escape, find a way to cure it like Jesus, or Jihad like Muhadib. My name is a killing word; but my name is a thinking word too. Can my revelation ride on you? We need pain to grow; and if you don't understand pain and shame and deception; you will be lost. The golden apple is here. Knowledge leads everywhere
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