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Abortion is to kill a baby

Abortion is to kill a baby

If you support killing babies you are a murderer. You have no morally riotous position so stop whining on here about your desire to kill. There is some gimp on here who never shuts up about it. Nobody gives a fuck what you think you have no brains probably because your mothers abortion was unsuccessful if it was banned you probably wouldn't have ended up a gimp... also the tool spreading hate speech against white people you are just a low life and quite frankly white people have nothing to do with why your life sucks because if it didn't you would find yourself a black girl and you'd be too busy with her and wouldn't have time to spread hate, but instead you prove what a looser you are. Obviously you can't get one because they don't want you.
anonymous Political November 23, 2022 at 3:00 pm 4
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All babies must be armed and brought up on the grate eugenics ranches where thousands of babies will be there to larn subjugation and how to march to the new drum....and follow orders.
anonymous 1 week ago
If you a retard that thinks a couple tiny cells is a baby then you don’t deserve to procreate and no one cares what you think. You should go around harassing every guy that mastebates cause each sperm is equally alive than those tiny cells you are crying about
anonymous 1 week ago
Same person just commented twice its that suicidal bum who is on here all day. You can't even get that right can you.
anonymous 1 week ago
Sounds like the retard thinks I’m the same person from the first comment. Retard thinks everyone is the same person. Keep thinking that retard
anonymous 1 week ago
Folks just think you guys should go ahead and get a room at the hi-way motel...nobody cares if you yell. have some good times and be happy.
MEL 1 week ago
They are fucking idiots. Don’t worry about them
anonymous 1 week ago
Anonymous you’re the one who is saying someone is the same person as someone else.

Fuck off. I know whose who by the format they type. It’s a few people. Who think they’re smarter and better then everyone else and come here to attack.

You’re one of them. You’re literally
the one saying. You’re dumb
anonymous 1 week ago
Also to that same person. This kind of argument is exactly why people make fun of you.

We already said irs a sin to do that so….. Fuck off.

Stop thinking about dudes jacking off creep.

Also a sperm and a egg is what creates a baby. If you are so dumb that you can’t understand that.
anonymous 1 week ago
Retard doesn’t understand sperms are alive and makes babies
anonymous 1 week ago
today is the day they give babies away for every drop of tea
saniterry clawse 1 week ago
Okay this is OP who the fuck are you people? I just got back and saw whatever this is. Are you off your chops?
anonymous 1 week ago
Scott you are one of three people here with a definitive posting pattern. You clearly haven't learned mine yet because this is my first time commenting on this particular post. You're the person obsessedwith jerking yourself off to your own supposed genius as you stare at yourself in a mirror. You are still hypocritically calling out others for exactly what you do and are day in and day out. The only person on this entire sub who thinks their shit don't stink is YOU.
anonymous 1 week ago
In our bldg folks can be seen taking their gloves off in the levator and putting them into their bags. Me like to wait as the levator is full of germs on the hole surface all germs ready to go with you to your desk an phone an infect everything an nmake little baby germs what got the new verry aunt and there we go.
Well I see many of them hands come out from them gloves and there is a lot of hairy fingers in this bldg an what does that mean as it dont look rite? Check your levator and see and answer.
HAIRY FINGERS 1 week ago
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