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[61916] I'm Not Like You

During this interview for some administrative position in a Chinese oil and gas company, I mentioned that I was considering a move to IT. The fatso whatever his name was, reminded me I'll never be my age again and to start speci alising - in what, admin and ops? - to be a talent.

"I don't think Yan Liang or me will be interested in pursuing this any further, right?"

I didn't say it then, because well, the 3 of us all knew I wouldn't be taking up the job, and even if I was interested that I would be rejected, but the sense of injustice I felt so troubled me for the next 12 hours that I absolutely felt I had to shout it somewhere even if it was done online, anonymously, and never did reach him.

Yes, I have been job hopping and I am intending to leave my current company that I have been with for less than a full year. But unlike that dipshit, who might have needed a long time of repetitive work to know what he was doing, within one, I am entirely familiar with whatever I am doing.

Say teleradiology, my current field.

The local operations was newly set up and the 4 of us were the pioneer batch so new that when we sent images, we neglected to send the medical history because we didn't think it was relevant. It felt a little like taking a bunch of engineers and giving them surgical gowns and telling them to operate. We were really lost at the beginning, and we screwed up the first 2 weeks, but we're fine. We learned fast. We have signed on a number of new hospitals and clinics and each contract is more lucrative than the last. We can even write prelim reports comparable to registered rads.

We have recently set up an offshore centre. I participated in site selection and hiring, and then singlehandedly created all the necessary instructional videos on how to use the various DICOM platforms as well as use, maintenance and repair of 19 different scanners, and have completed two internal audits already. Without extensive networking among NUS alumni, socially awkward geek that I am, I still signed 6 full time highly recommended radiologists approved by local medical board and enlisted another 2 freelancers.

Of course, I am not perfect. I'll say it is a team effort, but I know I can also do it alone. Because I have a heart for learning and an intellectual curiosity that craves knowledge. I do admit that I could and probably should stay a little longer for application purposes, but NO I AM NOT LIKE YOU, who would need a full year to gain just a little bit of knowledge.

So go to hell, you condescending bastard.

Posted 2 days ago

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