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[61887] I joined the Green Party and my boyfriend is mad

Two months ago I signed up to join the Green Party. I have been to a few Green Party gatherings because I believe in the Green Party's core values. Way more than what the Democrats believe, and he is one of those people who votes Democrat up and down the ballot. He keeps arguining with me to change my mind on what I feel about Hillary Clinton, my anger towards Trump supporters, my dissatisfaction with having a Republican Governor who cuts programs for the indigent. He disagrees with the Green party beliefs like Free public education all through college, decriminalization and legalization of Marijuana and certain social justice issues. He says stuff like "don't waste your vote " and he loves Hillary Clinton. I voted for her because I thought she was the "lesser of two evils ". I fucking felt I threw away my vote on her. Yes, I said it. She had no chance against Trump. I felt when she won the DNC that it would take a miracle to make her win. Bernie wasn't picked according to my boyfriend because his "ideas were wacky". Well lots of people including me wanted him to go against Trump. I despise this administration under Trump. He has so many supporters and Republicans backing what he does. I feel powerlessas a citizen of the United States on our voting choices. I feel all my fellow citizens are anti- gay, anti- reproductive right, anti homeless, and anti low income children! I am upset and my boyfriend keeps picking on me about supporting the Green Party. There is a possibility I may not vote Democrat again and certainly not Republican. I can't vote against what I believe in. Its either zero vote from me if a Green Party candidate isn't running, I'll fill in their name, if a Green isn't running that year, I will not spend any gas to go to the polls. I would be betraying myself.

Posted 2 days ago

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