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[61878] Fake Friends

I'm going to introduce four people, and for privacy reasons, these aren't there real names: Mildred, Lilly, Emily, and Clarice.
Mildred and I were best friends from the start of secondary school, and of course, we had our little fall outs but they were all gone by that evening or the next day. I have witnessed big arguments, but never got involved. This was an accident, and I really didn't mean to get involved.

But then in year 9, this girl, Lilly, moved from France. (it was a different country but again for privacy reasons I changed it) Another girl in my friend group was chosen to be her buddy. It was okay, we were happy to have someone new join our group, especially from a different country. She spoke fluent English, and she was great. Funny, happy, and we hit it off from the start. But I never left Mildred's side. She was one of my best friends and I am not that sort of person. Anyway, everything was great, but Lilly and Mildred began to hang out together more, alone, and I thought nothing of it to start with, but then they started having sleepovers regularly, and also going out together and stuff. They would always run away, and it began to effect my grades.

I started looking sad a lot at school, and Mildred and Lilly asked me, Clarice, Emily, and some others what was up. EMILY insisted that we spoke to them and i'm being serious here, all that I said was "I have nothing wrong with you guys being best friends (because that was true), but I feel really left out sometimes"

They took that the COMPLETE wrong way, and it turned into something much worse. They stopped talking to me and gave me dirty looks every single time that I walked past them. It even got to them coughing sarcastically every time I was nearby. They did this to Clarice as well, but Emily stopped caring altogether. The regular sleepovers turned into EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT.

They made me sick. I tried to stop but this went on throughout Year 10. It was Mildred's birthday on 2nd March (not real date) and things were starting to look better between us, by that I mean they'd stopped coughing when I was around. I gave her a card, and a cute necklace I bought from a jewelers. It was about £10 but I thought it was worth it. I gave it to her and she seemed happy, and I just kept liking their photos on social media and kept treating them nicely, to try and be at peace with each other, which was the least I could do. But today, they decided to MAKE UP with Clarice, who had not given Mildred a birthday present, who had NOT apologized before hand, and who had been doing the EXACT SAME THING AS ME. I wasn't angry at Clarice, because it's not her fault they made up with her, i'm just jealous, and annoyed at them. I don't know what to do. They said to Clarice that there are certain people that they don't want to be friends with, and have hurt them so much, but I don't know what I've done. It hurts me and i'm scared to talk to them. I just want to cry every day at school. I think i will tomorrow.

Any help would be really appreciated
Love me xo

Posted 2 days ago

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  • Girl, I know what you mean x
    Some girls are fucking mean, and you just have to let them go x
    Always here
    Mel xoxoxoxoxxo
    Posted 1 day agoReport

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