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My girlfriend is going through a hard time right now and I understand that but in all the while she has disregarded how the situation has left me feeling, she has cold heartedly ignored me, or responded to a text message that was purely loving in a harsh manner. I messaged her a memory we both share of the first time we kissed and how it felt, and I say I hope you cherish that as much as I do(with hearts) and she replies with "Of course i do. have a good day babe." Its just so painfully cold and horrible and shes never done this in the 11 months of our relationship and I have to wait for an entire week after not already seeing her for an entire week before hand, just to talk about whats going on. All in the meanwhile, shes emotionally hurting me, making it hard for me to sleep, making it hard for me to even eat without feeling like im going to puke it all up two seconds after. I doubt she means to do these things and she says she hates herself for making me feel this pain, but then WHY do you keep causing the pain? We could call and talk through some of it, we could text and get through some of it, but no, you chose to wait until our eleven month anniversary to drop this on me, and on top of that making me wait an entire fucking week to even know whats going on in your head and why youre thinking of breaking up with me. I have been nothing but kind and caring and loving and a true friend to you and now you throw it all back in my face because youre in a bad spot, and feel lost in life. Ive felt lost in life too, but you know what? I kept myself going for YOU. YOU were the reason I kept it all together. YOU were the reason I stopped hurting myself when I wanted to die. And now YOU are ripping out my fucking heart because of a reason I DONT EVEN FUCKING KNOW ABOUT... I just dont fucking understand.

Posted 2 days ago

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