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No, I know I am mentally ill. I have also learned anti-social behavior or maybe I wasn't well educated or taught properly how to behave, so I was wild and did whatever I wanted as a kid. I stole since I was 5 years old. Now, I know it is wrong but as a kid I just knew if I could steal shiny buttons while my mother did her shopping, I'd take them. I liked to set things on fire. I'd punish my bird for being bad, the way my dad punished me. To control and show them who's boss. My dad didn't want to be helping me by abusing me. He wanted to hurt me and punish me for defying his authority over me. That was not love, that way was cruelty and selfishness. He was evil, my dad. A very evil man to me when I was a baby and he hurt me so much. He scarred me mentally, as well as my mom did. I know for a fact that my mental illness is a huge contribution to my drug addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I might have BPD which is a personality disorder resulting from abuse and neglect in childhood.

Posted 2 days ago

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