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[61842] To call the police or not to call the police.

Gawd damn it I get so mad. I have a real asshole for a neighbor and he does rude things to me and some of my neighbors. I call the police as no one can get have a conversations with him. He's a big fucking pussy skirting as closest to being in trouble and snaking out of it. letting the police handle this fucking prick just gets you a lecture about the differance between chriminal activity and civil. They don't want to be hassled over civil and then the asshole gets his way. He's a smoking gun and bound to harm someone sooner or later. The police will not do much until then. What the fuck are the police for if they allow the grouth of a criminal from civil negativity?

Posted 3 days ago

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  • My poiint exactly over police activity. Allow "pre-criminals" to have stomping grounds in the civil jurisdiction while innocent people are victimized.
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • I think you can call them bullies before they become criminals in the jurisdiction the police handle.
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • what he do?
    Posted 2 days agoReport
  • He be a fucking prick and abuses the hood !
    Posted 2 days agoReport
  • Snitches get stitches.
    Posted 1 day agoReport

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