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[61819] Fake dykes

God, that feels good to say it. Seriously, my hearts beating kind of fast. I feel that way you do when you finally get something out in the open that's been pissing you off for awhile. So let me say it again. DUMB DYKES!!!!! DUMB PRETEND RUG MUNCHING DYKES.

I love lesbians. Lesbians are fucking hot. Even the ones that people don't find so attractive, I still like. But what I can't stand is the fake dykes.

THEY are dykes. True lesbians, just lesbians. Lesbians need to get on this, and start calling out the fakes.

The spoiled whores who pretend to be into women just for the attention. "I'm a lesbian." "My girlfriend." "Did I mention I have a girlfriend?" They want someone to comment, just so they can twist it around. A person says "Really?" like they would if it was anyone talking about their relationship, straight, gay, dyke, or inbetween. And the whore goes off.

Fake dykes pretend to like women just so they can start shit and feel superior.

Fuck you dumb dumb fake dykey dykey dykes.

Posted 3 days ago

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