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[61807] Refugees

I fucking hate Islam. Well, everyone should. It is a religion of evil, evil ideology. I mean seriously, look at their fuckin Koran quotes. Just look up evil Koran quotes. Their everywhere. And now they just want us all to blindly accept our government is blindly letting in people who worship these ideas?!? But of course if we protest it's "bigotry" and "racism".

Posted 3 days ago

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  • I say "Overhaul" all religious books ! C'mon all those books are questionable !
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • Pathetic zionist brainwashed troll or zionist jew impersonating a non-jew. There's no ideology more evil than the one you follow.
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • bomb the entire middle east, end result = world peace
    Posted 2 days agoReport
  • You don't think saying, "I hate Islam" is bigoted?

    What if I said, "I hate Christians", would that be bigoted?

    The Bible says just as much awful stuff, and all three (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) all believe in the Old Testament (roughly).

    When you say, "blindly letting people in", are you referring to the extensive inter-departmental vetting that takes places for each refugee? It takes over a year of research before they let them in.

    Please examine your ideas because they are not coherent or intelligent.
    Posted 2 days agoReport
  • It's all made up by the worst form of life on earth - the human being
    Posted 1 day agoReport
  • Don't only bomb the middle east but include china and the far east and large parts of afric
    Posted 1 day agoReport

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