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[61780] Is jealousy inherent in mexicans (chicanos)

Are they genetically disposed to jealousy. They seem to envy almost every other race that lives in America, since almost every one else is superior to mexicans by and large. For the most part, they have lower iqs, they're less attractive physically, are usually overweight, speak in low brow slang, have less money than other races, and have no morals whatsoever. If you look at the personals section on Craigslist, you'll see thousands of gay and transsexual mexican males. It must be the reason why they want this jew bernie sanders to become the next president. These chicanos are a communist bolsheviek revolution waiting to unfold.

Posted 3 days ago

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  • You're a racist. I believe this is about the Mestizo and Native Mexicans. I am a 3rd generation Cuban American and you fucking racist pick on us too, except the white ones. They are not subhuman. The only jobs they get are low wage packaging, gardening, and farm jobs that most American people don't want anyway. You guys all want desk jobs or modeling jobs. And how about beefing up border security, keeping the law abiding "Mexicans" here, working on ways to make them citizens because they are here and only deporting the ones who commit violent crimes. If they were such a problem the wall would have been built since the 50's or 60's. Since you fuckers can't get away with racism towards Blacks, because a lot of them know their rights, you cucks pick on Latinos. Double fuck you!
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