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[61768] Dr Oz

Hello white trash, and ghetto black women. Welcome to the Dr. Oz show. I'm a Dr. and know that you think of me when holding the showerhead up to your saggy vagina. Clitoral stimulation is good. Orgasms are good for health, and provide a sexual release.

Wanna lose weight? GET OFF YOUR ASS. Watch me make an ass of myself with a fitness guru of the day.

Now let's talk about sex. Yes, sex. Something all the bored housewives, single fat chicks, and people in waiting rooms are all having constantly. Because when I think of people getting laid, it's people in their fucking 50s who are bored of the empty gesture they haven't had in quite some time. Oh, wait. Okay, um. Just play with yourself two times a week, and you'll live longer.

Now take some multivitamins, only $67.98 at your nearest drug store. These pills.......these pills.......................our sponsor said they help you live longer.

Just try one of these tips for a better life. Stay tuned tomorrow for more of the same shit.

Almost ten years of this shit, and no one realizes it's the same thing every day. (I hope you read this paragraph in Dr. Oz's voice)

Wouldn't it be cool if he actually said this?

Posted 3 days ago

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  • why watch boring shows?
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • White and black trash women? What about brown shitcano mexican trash? Do they watch dr oz and masturbate in the shower to him as well?
    Posted 3 days agoReport

    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • I'm 612 lbs 30 year old woman from Kentucky. I masturbate to Dr.Oz and Mark Cuban when they are on t.v. I lift my fupa and diddle my unwashed furry blonde twat. I suck my tits during Shark tank.
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • That bald guy who always looks like he's gotta veiny dildoh up his ass, he's one hot motherfucker.
    Posted 3 days agoReport
  • Dr. Oz has bedroom eyes.
    Posted 2 days agoReport

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