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[61765] To all the asses giving out job interviews -

You have all proved to me that you are no better at your job than the fact that I can certainly do the job. You are all stupid and judgemental. Talk about hiring without the guilt of being discriminatory - You fucking ask me what Kind of music I like and I tell you. Then I realize you were hunting around for my aproximate age by the various music artists I like. You stupid cunts! I hope all of you who use that tactic to discriminate against age will be the first to burn in hell. I have been patien with interviews and put my best foot forward and what do I get ! The Exit door and an excuse that you'll get back with me later. LIke fucking when ? I know I sound angered and my mouth is bad right now and who would hire me but jesus christ why ? WHY? W-H-Y-? I bend over backwards to kiss up to the person interviewing and need a job to live. Well I guess good honest hard working people like me are gonna just stay with state help til some genious interviewer has his/her act together and hires us. For all you businesses that looked the other way when I could have been a good asset - "Piss off!".

Posted 3 days ago

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  • power trippers
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